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Nick Cannon was fired from ViacomCBS on Tuesday morning after using “hateful speech” and promoting “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” on his podcast Cannon’s Class. It had everyone questioning if he would also lose his job hosting The Masked Singer on Fox. After putting out two separate apologies, Fox confirmed that Nick would be returning for the shows fourth season.

Nick Cannon Apologized, Saving His ‘Masked Singer’ Gig

Nick took to Facebook to discuss his thoughts on the firing. After a video went viral on social media of the host talking about the comments in question, he maintained that he reached out to Viacom owner Shari Redstone “to have a conversation of reconciliation.” He also demanded full ownership of the Wild ‘N Out brand he created and brought to the network starting in 2005.

But after being met with initial backlash by those that found his comments ant-Semitic, he took to Facebook again to put out two separate posts apologizing for his actions. “First and foremost I extend my deepest and most sincere apologies to my Jewish sisters and brothers for the hurtful and divisive words that came out of my mouth during my interview with Richard Griffin,” he wrote. “They reinforced the worst stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people and I feel ashamed of the uninformed and naïve place that these words came from.” The video of this podcast interview has been removed.


He went on to say “I want to express my gratitude to the Rabbis, community leaders and institutions who reached out to me to help enlighten me, instead of chastising me. I want to assure my Jewish friends, new and old, that this is only the beginning of my education—I am committed to deeper connections, more profound learning and strengthening the bond between our two cultures today and every day going forward.” In another post, he spoke about how he had the “opportunity to converse with Rabbi Abraham Cooper director of global social action @SimonWiesenthal My first words to my brother was, I apologize for the hurt I caused the Jewish Community.”

The Network Said Nick Will Be Keeping His Hosting Job After Apologizing

On the episode of the podcast that put him in hot water, he explained that he “used words and referenced literature I assumed to be factual to uplift my community but instead turned out to be hateful propaganda and stereotypical rhetoric that pained another community.” He finished off the apology saying “For this, I am deeply sorry, but now together we can write a new chapter of healing.” These two Facebook apologies prompted Fox to respond with a statement of their own. The network explained how they immediately sprung into action after Nick’s podcast went viral and encouraged dialogue with him. “He is clear and remorseful that his words were wrong and lacked both understanding and context, and inadvertently promoted hate. This was important for us to observe. Nick has sincerely apologized, and quickly taken steps to educate himself and make amends” the statement said.


Fox will be keeping Nick as the host for season four of The Masked Singer set to air this fall. The show is still in pre-production working on casting celebrities and costumes so no filming has been done yet in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


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