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Meet Adrian Stoica, His Frisbee Loving Companion Hurricane, as They Audition on ‘AGT’ Season 18

Adrian Stoica and Hurricane audition for 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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As auditions for season 18 of America’s Got Talent continues, fans are witnessing some of the most exceptional talents in the world. Among the incredible contestants, Adrian Stoica and his canine partner Hurricane. Here’s everything to know about them.

Who are Adrian and Hurricane?

Adrian is a 43-year-old athlete and master dog trainer from Brașov, Romania. With a background in dog training and a national role in Italy’s disc dog sport, Adrian’s life revolves around dogs. His most significant achievements include winning the world championship and pioneering a groundbreaking theatrical project centered on these magical creatures.

As an accomplished dog trainer and performer, Adrian has amassed numerous titles in the world of disc dog competitions, establishing himself as a true force to be reckoned with. Together, Adrian and Hurricane have enthralled audiences with their remarkable routines, showcasing their deep bond and impressive skills.

Adrian has devoted his life to the art of canine communication. With an impressive track record of six disc dog World Championship titles, Adrian’s passion for dogs and frisbee tricks knows no bounds.

His Instagram account provides a glimpse into his remarkable life together with his many trained dogs including Hurricane. Most of his posts feature him bonding with his dogs, doing frisbee training, and other activities. 

They Competed in Romania’s Got Talent in 2022

Adrian and Hurricane made a lasting impression on the judges during their captivating performances on Romania’s Got Talent 2022. The duo’s act extends beyond frisbee routines. During their appearance on the show, Adrian and Hurricane showcased their versatility with an entertaining comedic routine.

Andi Moisescu, one of the judges, praised Adrian for skillfully highlighting their talents in a three-minute spectacle, a feat deserving of great admiration. Mihai Bobonete, another judge, wholeheartedly supported their act, exclaiming a resounding “Yes!” in approval along with the other judges.

Adrian and Hurricane’s exceptional bond and unmatched talent promise to create an unforgettable experience on AGT. With a repertoire ranging from frisbee tricks to comedic routines, this dynamic duo is ready to impress the judges and viewers worldwide.

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