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Who Is the Black Swan? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

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The Masked Singer season five has been a game changer! Starting off with two of the most shocking reveals yet, there are guaranteed to be more surprises to come. And the Black Swan blew everyone away with her voice. This bird can SANG!

But who is under the mask? Could it be a legendary vocalist? The voice would point to someone who is known for singing! Here are all the clues decoded, plus our prediction for The Masked Singer Black Swan.

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 5

Black Swan’s first set of clues start with her walking through a snowy forest. She says “black swans like me are incredibly rare” while walking up to a WANTED poster with “REWARD VOUCHER” written on it, with the R and V standing out. Black Swan didn’t “factor in” that her talent might make her “someone else’s prey.” She’s seen being caught in a net. She claims she was “caught up” and “hypnotized by a Hollywood deal.” A watch/locket with a “5” on it is shown hypnotizing her. Then, a red bishop chess piece and a ring box with a light shining onto a diamond ring appear on the screen.


There was a “steep price” for her Hollywood deal though, that made her worry if she’d “ever see the light again.” Black Swan walks up to a big red “X” on the ground. Then, all of a sudden, her “faithful flock” flew to her rescue and set her free. She’s here to show that she’s in control, she claims while holding up a red card, like the ones used in soccer. Cluedledoo’s clue said, “Black Swan has covered a monster.”

After her first performance, panelists guessed that Black Swan might be Anya Taylor-Joy, Mel B, Cheryl Cole, Camila Cabello, or Leona Lewis. They also predicted she’ll make it to the Finale! People online are thinking Black Swan might be JoJo, Ally Brooke, or Demi Lovato.

Who is the Black Swan on The Masked Singer?

After hearing her voice and putting all the clues together, we know EXACTLY who this is (as Ken would say). The Black Swan is none other than…

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Out JoJo performs during the Out Magazine’s Out100 Event presented by Lexus on November 21, 2019 in Long Island City, New York. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Out)

JoJo (Joanna Noëlle Levesque)!

Yes, the “Leave (Get Out)” singer from the early 2000’s is taking the stage again to show off her talent. Here’s how the clues line up!

In her clues, we saw a WANTED poster that had “RV” highlighted on the left side. JoJo appeared in the movie “RV” with Robin Williams. Black Swan talked about becoming “someone else’s prey,” which points to the controversy she had with her old record label, Da Family Entertainment. JoJo sued her label for not releasing her music, so instead the tracks were “leaked” on YouTube. This could explain the clue about her “flock” setting her free. She was able to use that to leave her record label and thanked her fans for supporting her through it.


Another clue we saw was a “5” on a watch/locket. JoJo has released five albums, but she’s also toured with Fifth Harmony. She mentioned she was “caught up” in a deal, which could be referring to the fact that she toured with Usher. The “X” is a nod to her being a guest judge on The X Factor: Celebrity in recent years. The red card could be pointing to her ex-boyfriend, who was an American soccer player. Finally, Cluedle-doo’s clue about “covering a monster” is a reference to her covering a song by the Monster from The Masked Singer season 1, T-Pain, called “Can’t Believe It.”

Is the Black Swan JoJo?

Do you agree with our prediction? Watch The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights for more clues and don’t forget to tune in to our YouTube channel for full episode recaps and reveals every week!

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