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‘The Masked Singer’ Group B Premiere: Olympic Athlete With Inspiring Message Is Revealed!


Last week The Masked Singer unveiled its most famous celebrity yet. The expectations were high coming into the Group B premiere and the contestants definitely did not disappoint. Keep reading to find out which celebrity was revealed during tonight’s exciting episode.

Who Is The Black Swan?

Clues: The Black Swan walked through a forest that was covered in snow. There was a wanted poster on a tree. A pendulum swung back in forth with a “5” written on it. A ring and a chess piece flashed on the screen. The Black Swan fell under a spell as she stood on a red X. At the end of the clue package she stood on top of a castle. She said that her “faithful flock flew to the rescue” and they set her free.

Performance: For her performance The Black Swan performed “Barracuda” by Heart. She danced all over the stage and it became clear that she has prior experience performing.

Judges Guesses: Ken Jeong is convinced this is Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy. Jenny McCarthy thinks it could be Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony. Nicole Scherzinger believes it is Leona Lewis because of the nod to The X Factor.


Who Is Grandpa Monster?

Clues: Grandpa Monster was a trouble-making fool as a youngster. He was always acting out. There was a 6 on a chalkboard made up of little figures that are similar to a football play. A bunch of numbers flashed on the screen. He’s actually smart and has been able to prove it. This flirty grandpa says that he put the “eye in Einstein.” There was a 6.2 ton weight and a paper with 97% on it. Grandpa Monster is hoping that we’re not afraid of who he was a long time ago.

Performance: Grandpa Monster sang “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega. He playfully chased background dancers dressed as grannies around the stage. At the end of the performance, he let out a cough to play up the fact that he is old.

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks that it is Scott Disick under the mask. Robin Thicke believes it could be former football player Johnny Manziel. Jenny thinks it could be WWE star The Miz.

Who Is The Chameleon?

Clues: The Chameleon rode a motorcycle in the clue package. The motorcycle had a license place that said “Camoflag.” His dad told him to keep up with the times when he was younger. There was a polaroid picture of his dad. A computer screen flashed with “007” on it along with a book that said “LT” on it. His career almost tanked until he took his father’s advice and he now uses his tech-savvy skills.

Performance: The Chameleon sang “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly. It was a super fun performance filled with neon lights. It had a very club atmosphere as he rapped along to the song.

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks it’s NBA star Dwight Howard under the mask. Robin really believes it is Redfoo because he has a famous father. Nicole thinks it is Nick Cannon who is sitting out of the first few episodes of The Masked Singer while he recovers from COVID.

Who Is The Phoenix?

Clues: The Phoenix has been in tons of magazines. They have hid under a mask for their whole life. Millions saw The Phoenix as a superhero. There was a clue that alluded to them using a telescope often. Their dad was a proud supporter of what The Phoenix did but has since passed away. There were several constellations including ballet slippers and a crown that were shown in the clue package along with little phoenix’s implying that this person has children.

Performance: The Phoenix sang “TikTok” by Ke$ha. This performance made it clear that The Phoenix is not a polished singer, but knows how to have fun.

Judges Guesses: Nicole thinks it is Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness under the mask. Jenny thinks it is Jane Lynch or Caitlyn Jenner. Ken also thinks that is a good guess but also threw RuPaul’s name out there.


Who Is The Piglet?

Clues: The Piglet is a hopeless romantic and told someone he loved them on a second date. He has given away a few roses, with several references to The Bachelor. He wears his heart on the sleeve.

Performance: The Piglet performed “Speechless” by Dan + Shay. This was one of the more slowed down performances that focused more on vocals.

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks The Piglet sounds like Adam Lambert. Nicole thinks it is Charlie Puth because he dated Bella Thorne. She also threw Liam Hemsworth’s name out there.

Who Was Revealed On Tonight’s Episode Of ‘The Masked Singer’?

While everyone in Group B did a great job tonight, one person must be eliminated. After the votes, The Phoenix was revealed to be the lowest vote-getter. The judges got to make their final guesses. Robin thinks it is Laverne Cox. Nicole thinks it is Jonathan Van Ness. Ken feels like it is RuPaul. Jenny is convinced it is Caitlyn Jenner.


So who was under the mask? The Phoenix turned out to be Caitlyn Jenner! The former Olympic athlete wanted to show trans kids and people out there that they can literally do anything. Were you surprised by this big reveal?

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