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‘The Masked Singer’ Premiere: Most Famous Contestant EVER Is Revealed!


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Season 5 of The Masked Singer is kicking off with some major twists. Niecy Nash is filling in for Nick Cannon as he recovers from COVID-19. We also have another major twist this season with the introduction of Wildcards who will disrupt the competition and offer exclusive clues.

Keep reading to find out who was the first celebrity to be unmasked during this exciting premiere. Hint: It was the biggest celebrity reveal of all time!


Who Is The Russian Doll?

Clues: The Russian Doll said in the clue package that they are a misfit. There was a sign that said “Mizfitz Toy Store.” They were once the world’s hottest toy. There were several puppet analogies made. People tried to put The Russian Doll in a box. Newer toys filled the shelves and The Russian Doll was cast to the side but they are now ready to step out and show everyone what they’ve got.

Performance: The Russian Doll sang “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson. There was a major reveal during this performance that shocked the judging panel. There is not one Russian Doll but two and they are both males. They sang a beautiful duet with perfect harmonies and the performance was complete with pyrotechnics.

Judges Guesses: Jenny McCarthy thinks it could be two members of Boyz II Men or members of the country band Lady A under the masks. Nicole Scherzinger thinks it could be someone from the cast of Glee like Matthew Morrison and Kevin McHale. Ken Jeong thinks it could be The Voice coach Gwen Stefani and No Doubt member Tom Dumont.



Who Is The Snail?

Clues: The Snail has acted, directed, produced, recorded albums and graced the Oscars stage. He rubbed elbows with Robert De Niro, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama. There was a teddy bear sitting on a couch along with a treasure chest featured in a clue package. A sign said “meatballs” before the camera panned to a studio audience. Several of the clues referenced talk shows.

Performance: The Snail performed “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates. He slithered around the stage while dancers dressed as roses danced around him. The costume even moves and has animatronics in it and it is seriously the coolest thing ever.

Judges Guesses: Robin Thicke thinks that The Snail sounds like Jay Leno or Seth MacFarlane. Ken agrees that it could be Jay Leno. Nicole thinks that it could be Jimmy Kimmel or Adam Sandler. Jenny threw out the guess of Mark Wahlberg.


Who Is The Seashell?

Clues: When The Seashell was young, she was pulled by the tide. She found her peace by the shore. There was a chameleon sitting on the shore along with her. She spoke about how when her career took off, it was like a massive tsunami of success. She wears many hats and actually put a cowboy hat on in the clue package and later held a witch’s broom. The Seashell hasn’t sung in a long time.

Performance: The Seashell performed “Listen To Your Heart” by Roxette. You seriously could not tell that she hasn’t done any singing for a long time. She really sounded like a professional singer that has been doing this for forever.

Judges Guesses: Ken feels like it is Kristin Chenoweth under the mask. Nicole is convinced it is Hilary Duff. Robin thinks it is Jennifer Love Hewitt.



Who Is The Raccoon?

Clues: The Raccoon said you have to go through hell to get the happy ending. In his darkest days, he faced death. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is his favorite story. He related to the story because he too was locked away and implied he was in jail at some point. He promised God that if he got a second chance at life he would only do good.

Performance: The Raccoon put on such a fun performance of “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. He committed to the performance all the way and completely stole the show. He has a very old-school voice with a lot of texture and really knows how to work the stage.

Judges Guesses: Nicole thinks it could be Gary Busey or Nick Nolte. Ken believes it is Mike Tyson under the mask. Robin guessed either Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito.


Who Is The Robopine?

Clues: The Robopine boldly announced that he is not a regular porcupine. He may look prickly but he doesn’t want people to be scared of him. The Robopine had a tough upbringing and went on a mission to get on Hollywood’s radar. He made a connection with an agent who was dressed as an angel in the clue package.

Performance: The Robopine sang “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross. He really captivated the entire stage and his vocals were so on point. His performance was definitely the biggest surprise of the night. After the performance, The RoboPine said that he was 60 years old.

Judges Guesses: We just found the contestant this season that the judges think could be Jamie Foxx. Nicole was first to say that it’s Jamie Foxx. Ken thinks it is American Idol judge Lionel Richie. Robin thinks it could be Ginuwine under the mask.


Who Is The First Eliminated Singer On Season 5 Of ‘The Masked Singer’?

Nobody wants to be the first contestant to be eliminated from the premiere of The Masked Singer. But after the super fans voted, The Snail received the least amount of votes.

The judges revealed their final guesses. Robin stuck to his guess of Seth MacFarlane. Ken also stuck to his guess of Jay Leno. Jenny did not stick to her first impression guess and instead went with Ted Cruz. Nicole also switched up and changed her guess to Billy Crystal.



Well, the judges were completely wrong. The Snail was revealed to be none other than Kermit The Frog! Nobody saw this coming at all. Ken said that this is the most famous guest the show has ever had. Were you shocked to see Kermit The Frog be revealed on The Masked Singer?

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