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Mark Ballas Collaborated With Derek Hough In Creating Music For ‘Symphony Of Dance’ Tour

Mark Ballas and Derek Hough at 12th Annual Los Angeles Ballet Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons HotelPhoto by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

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Dance icon Derek Hough has officially returned to the national stage with his dazzling Symphony of Dance tour. This tour promises a fusion of music and dance that will mesmerize audiences. What’s intriguing about the tour is the secret collaboration that brewed behind the scenes. Hough joined forces with fellow Dancing With The Stars icon Mark Ballas to craft the soundtrack for the tour.

Derek Hough Shared Behind The Scenes Making Music With Mark Ballas

Hough recently posted a video showing the trio in a studio experimenting with tunes and sounds. The video received praise from fans of the DWTS judge as well as the retired pro dancer, Ballas.

Hough’s meticulous preparation for the tour began with the re-recording of the music from scratch. The setup featured a recording studio filled with high-quality instruments, demonstrating Hough’s commitment to creating a mesmerizing soundscape.

The collaboration didn’t stop at the recording studio however. It extended to a creative process where the trio played a variety of instruments, with a special focus on guitars.

Ballas and Vahagni, under Hough’s watchful guidance, delved into experimentation, exploring sounds, textures, and rhythms. They were in pursuit of the perfect accompaniment to the awe-inspiring dance performances that are a hallmark of the show. The hours spent experimenting, fine-tuning, and also pushing the boundaries of creativity were all part of the artistic journey.

The result of this creative partnership is a soundtrack that not only complements but elevates the dance performances to new heights. It is both heart-pounding and emotionally charged, setting the stage for a symphony of artistry.

Symphony Of Dance Allows Spectator to Dance With Derek Hough

Hough’s Symphony of Dance tour isn’t just a performance; it’s an invitation for everyone to join in the dance. As a professional dancer and choreographer, Hough firmly believes that the desire to move and groove resides within each one of us. It’s a universal, primal instinct that transcends age and skill level.

Accompanied by his wife, Hayley Erbert, and a talented ensemble of dancers, saxophonists, cellists, and percussionists, Symphony of Dance offers a diverse blend of dance styles, including ballroom, Latin, contemporary, jazz, and also Argentine tango. The central theme revolves around the beautiful synergy between music and dance, creating a symphony that captivates the audience.

Hough’s journey in dance began at a young age, and his illustrious career then spanned everything from starring in musical productions to judging dance competitions. Symphony of Dance not only showcases his extraordinary talent but also carries a heartfelt message: to embrace the joy of dance and let the rhythm of life guide you.

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