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Drew Barrymore Still Hasn’t Talked About The WGA Strike On Her Talk Show

Drew Barrymore and Ross Matthews on 'The Drew Barrymore Show'Photo Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/CBS

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The Drew Barrymore Show recently returned to television, airing the first new episode of its fourth season. Amid its premiere, Barrymore failed to address any strike controversy that surrounded the show in the past weeks. The exclusion of comments about the strike angered many fans of the series.

The Drew Barrymore Show Season 4 Premieres, Refuses to Talk About Strike

On October 16, The Drew Barrymore Show came back, running its 30-minute premiere without its previous writing staff. Kicking off the episode, Barrymore introduced her guest Shania Twain with a simple, “Alright everybody, welcome to season four. Let’s go girls!”

Then, the actress proceeded straight into her interview filmed at Twain’s Las Vegas ranch. While chatting on Twain’s couch, the two talked about the singer’s admiration for horses and the use of equine therapy. The interview also focused on Twain’s childhood and her fears due to her 15-year hiatus related to her Lyme Disease. Elsewhere in the episode, the two discussed Twain’s Las Vegas residency and her motivations for creating “Queen of Me.”

After tackling a number of non-inflammatory subjects, the first episode ended without addressing the now-ended writers’ strike. It seemed that Barrymore has purposely declined to opportunity to talk about the issue.

The Drew Barrymore Show’s return came two weeks after various previous writers declined to return to their positions. WGA members Chelsea White, Cristina Kinon and Liz Koe have apparently decided to leave the show to manifest solidarity among other artists.

Barrymore faced intense backlash after she originally decided to return before the end of strike. She defended herself later on, saying that the decision was bigger than her alone. Despite so, the issue has continued to flourish, receiving extreme outcry and picketing from the WGA and her fellow actors.

The Talk Show Host Rushes Off Stage Mid-Interview

On October 18, news broke that Drew Barrymore walked off of her own show. During an interview with Julia Fox, Barrymore reportadly walked off stage.

Barrymore’s segment with Fox featured her morphing into her guest. For those who may not know, Fox is known for her sense of style, that often involves showing a lot of skin.

“I would love to be like you,” Barrymore told Fox. “Could you make me into you?”

Fox helped Barrymore mold into her, which involved eyeliner and eyeshadow. Then, the talk show host helped Fox introduce her new competition show, titled “OMG Fashun!” This show is described as “the craziest, most rule-breaking fashion competition for a major TV network.”

During this conversation, Barrymore walked off stage urgently.

“Wait, where is she going?” a puzzled Fox asked the audience. “Is this normal? Does she always do this?”

Fox then remained in good spirits, joking about the fact that she was “taking over the show.” Apparently, after the commercial break Barrymore popped back on stage, in a shocking new wardrobe.

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