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Louis Takes ANOTHER Hit At Simon Cowell For ‘X Factor’ Failure

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Louis is back and he’s not shying away from his relief that he’s returned, claiming Simon had no choice but to bring him back to this year’s ‘X Factor’. Here’s a closer look into why Louis claims he’s saved the show and what went wrong in previous seasons.


Louis has featured as a judge for 13 seasons!

Recently, Simon has been obsessed with changing up the panel on ‘X Factor’ and it’s hard to keep up with it all. Louis Walsh has been axed from the panel on several occasions and was even brought back mid season once! Walsh has always been on Simon’s radar throughout the years of the show, whether he chooses to admit it or not.

Louis has been a judge on the show for 13 seasons so he knows the job inside out! Simon has, in the past, tried to replace Louis but it’s never really worked well. In an interview about the latest season Louis mentioned that Simon ‘needed’ him back. As much as we love change, we cannot deny that Louis does draw attention with his unique judging style, very much like Williams on BGT.

Previous panels on the show haven’t worked well

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X Factor 2015 with first time judges Nick and Rita along with brand new hosts, Olly and Caroline

Throughout the years of the show, we’ve seen some panels that just don’t show the right chemistry for the show. 2015 was a year that saw huge changes to judge lineup as well as totally new hosts. Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw joined the show and joining them were new hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack. The panel only lasted a year before another change was made. As for the hosts, they received criticism throughout the show for showing absolutely no chemistry and giving awkward vibes throughout the entire competition. Murs also made a huge mistake during the live shows when receiving information from producers during deadlock. By this point, we’re sure Simon was already ready to bring back a more familiar panel the next year.

This year’s panel has great chemistry with the contestants

This year’s spin off show sees a smaller panel of just three judges and it’s really quite refreshing! The judges have great chemistry and it feels more relaxed than it has in recent years. None of them are afraid to take a hit at one another and their combined humor is enough to make you feel like Simon has at least made one good decision with the show.

Did you miss Louis Walsh on the show?

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