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Kelly Clarkson Says ‘The Voice’ Has Never Had a Coach Like Ariana Grande

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Kelly Clarkson is a huge fan of The Voice coach Ariana Grande just like the rest of us. In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Clarkson gushed about Grande’s coaching debut on Season 21 of the NBC show. As you could imagine, the crowd went absolutely wild for Grande as the coaches filmed the prerecorded parts of the season.

Kelly Clarkson Raves About ‘The Voice’ Coach Ariana Grande

Season 21 of The Voice has already generated a ton of anticipation ahead of its September 20 premiere. Grande’s 261 million Instagram followers have been locked in every time she posts something related to The Voice. Clarkson is just as starstruck working with Grande. She spoke about how Grande has been showing her personality more and more on set.

“I love her. We’d actually run into each other a couple of times before but not really like been able to talk and she’s so funny, like very witty,” Clarkson said. “In the beginning, even behind the scenes, she wasn’t using a lot of her material she could’ve used out there and then I feel like slowly towards the Knockouts, we’ve already taped everything up to the lives, and she’s hysterical, like very witty.”

Clarkson did mention that Grande’s coaching style sets her apart from the other coaches on The Voice. Grande is the queen of high notes and whistle tones. With her vocal prowess comes knowledge of taking vocal rest and really paying attention to how much artists are working their vocal cords.


“We’ve never had a coach like her,” Clarkson continued. “I’ve only been there for eight seasons but like in all of my seasons I’ve never heard a coach talk about vocal health as much and I’m like ‘I guess we should’ve mentioned that.” We’re all like vocalists. Like no one’s ever mentioned it and she’s really into it so it’s cool.”

The Live Audience Went Wild For Grande During Tapings

Clarkson explained that filming The Voice with a live audience for the first time after two seasons has been exciting. Each of the coaches walked out to take their seats separately this season. Grande got a very warm reception from the crowd each time she walked out.

“Ariana goes out and it’s literally like BTS has entered the building,” Clarkson said. “They lose their minds and then Blake has to follow it. He comes out and they’re clapping like they were.”

Clarkson joked that Blake Shelton allegedly asked if he could walk out before Grande because he found it “embarrassing” that he got less applause. Clarkson did expose Shelton for something else on The Voice set. When shading host Jimmy Fallon for having a smaller truck than her, she also threw Shelton’s truck into the mix.

“Whenever I pulled up at The Voice, Blake has a cute little truck like you too,” she said through a smile. “I pulled up next to his and he’s like giant and his is like smaller.”

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