Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift Will Perform at ‘The Voice’ Finale But Fans Want BTS

The finale of The Voice’s 16th season is coming with huge stars in toe. Meanwhile, BTS fans clap back on Twitter over being “catfished” by the show.

Special Guests

On Monday the show leaked a pre-taped message of the Jonas Brothers announcing their upcoming performance on the finale.

“Major breaking news, you ready?” announced Kevin. “Joe, Nick, and I, The Jonas Brothers will be singing our new single, ‘Cool’ on the live voice finale!”

“It’s gonna’ be an epic night of music,” Nick exclaimed. “Don’t miss it. See ya!” After the Jonas Brothers announcement, Carson Daly casually dropped another bombshell.

“If that wasn’t enough news… Taylor Swift is also going to be here with Brendon Urie of Panic! And they are going to do their new hit, ‘ME!” Said Daly.

Bait & Switch

This was a big surprise seeing as how the previous announcement included the k-pop sensation BTS, and not Taylor Swift. While the Jonas Brothers announcement came to fruition, there was no mention of BTS whatsoever. Furthermore, The Voice never posted anything about the change on their social media.

Nevertheless, Team BTS came in full force with a stage 5 Twitter storm. The angry fans accuse the show of false advertising, and “catfishing” fans. We cannot be sure whether this “bait and switch” was done purposely, or if production had unexpected issues.

There has not been any official confirmation about why The Voice made this last minute change. Some speculate that Taylor Swift may have jumped in when BTS dropped out at the last minute.

Tuesdays show sent 4 contestants home packing, leaving us with the final four who will compete for champion of The Voice. We have 3 singers from Team Blake and 1 Singer for Team John.

To see who will continue on, tune into The Voice Monday 8pm on NBC.


Matt Beck
Matt Beck

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