Everything About Jeannie Mai’s Emergency Surgery That Forced Her To Leave ‘DWTS’

Jeannie Mai Posts Update From Hospital Bed After Surgery That Forced Her To Leave 'DWTS'Mriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

Jeannie Mai is now in recovery after undergoing an emergency surgery that led her Dancing With The Stars journey to come to a shocking end. The talk show host was previously diagnosed with an inflammatory condition called epiglottis. She reflected on her time on the show along with how thankful she was for her doctors in a recent Instagram post.

Jeannie Mai Has Updated Fans On Her Condition After Surgery

Good Morning America first confirmed the news of Jeannie’s scary diagnosis that can cause swelling and blocked airflow to the lungs. This led to her announcing she was withdrawing from ‘DWTS’ as it is a very serious condition that needed immediate surgery.

“I would never imagine ever having to write this, but I made it safely out of my emergency surgery,” she wrote on Instagram. “I will be forever grateful to Dr. Nasseri who identified my potentially life-threatening condition. What simply started as a sore throat had unbeknownst to me become a dangerous infection that already closed at least 60% of my airway and resulted in a throat abscess that spread in a matter of 3 days.”


“Although I am grateful to be recovering safely, I can’t lie… I am devastated by the fact that my journey with #DWTS will end this way” she continued. “Dancing on this show has been the most exhilarating adventure. I’ve gained both beautiful friendships and loving supporters. To my partner, @Brandonarmstrong, I’m sorry you don’t get to make fun of my moves anymore while I gift you life gems on how to be a grown-up. Love u so much lil bro, and will ALWAYS cherish the memories we made!!!” Jeannie and her partner Brandon had certainly become a fan favorite each week on ‘DWTS.’

Though she will not be competing on the show anymore, Jeannie promised she will be watching while she recovers from surgery and will be voting for all of the remaining couples. “And more good news? My thumbs still work hunnay, so I can spread my 20 votes across these final 8 superstar teams!!!” she wrote. “Please everyone, TONIGHT watch for your fave #DWTS couple killen it in the ballroom cuz #TeamDreamofJeannie, we gotta share our love and VOTE!!!” She went on to add the hashtags of each couple’s team names and encouraged fans of the show to continue voting for them.

The Show Aired An Emotional Video Tribute To Jeannie

Host Tyra Banks announced that Jeannie had recorded a message from the hospital for last night’s show. In the video, Jeannie gave an update before going into surgery.  “I found out that I have a throat abscess, where my tonsils and my throat had gotten so infected that it started permeating to the rest of the areas behind my neck and my ears that I had to get emergency surgery, which is why I’m here now.” We then see footage of Jeannie coming out of surgery and the doctor announcing that if they had just waited one more day, her throat would have closed up entirely.

Her fiancé Jeezy was by her side as she woke up after surgery and her partner Brandon shared how incredible his experience was on the show dancing with Jeannie.


We wish Jeannie a speedy recovery and will certainly miss the fun energy she brought to Dancing With The Stars.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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