Receipts: WATCH Jeannie Mai’s Racist & Tone-Deaf Comments On Black Men Before Getting Engaged To Jeezy

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Television host Jeannie Mai and rapper Jeezy announced their engagement last week. And what should be a happy time of celebration for the couple has turned into a controversy. A clip from 2014 has resurfaced of Mai saying some comments about race that even her The Real co-hosts were shocked at. Take a look.

Jeannie Mai Said She Likes Her “Dark Meat On The Side”

On the talk show The Real, Mai was asked what her ideal type of man is. And while she said that she “loves black guys” she went on to say that she likes her “dark meat on the side” and white keeps her “mean and lean.” Her co-hosts along with the audience were in complete shock. They felt that she was saying that a black man would never be good enough to be her husband, and would only just be her side piece.

To defend her statement, Mai said that she really does find black men attractive. Co-host Tamar Braxton was visibly bothered by Mai’s statement. She said, “You like your main man to be white and your side piece to be dark.” Mai went on to retort that she used to date black men but the thing that kept her happiest was her then-husband Freddy who is a white man. The pair eventually ended up divorcing in 2017. She began dating Jeezy in 2019.


Some People Are Not Happy About Jeannie’s Comments

The ironic thing about Mai’s comments is that she is now engaged to a black man that she obviously intends to marry. It has people wondering what made her change her mind and if the relationship is actually real or just a publicity stunt. One Twitter user spoke about how it seemed like Mai once fetishized black men. However, she also believes that Mai may have grown out of “that ignorance.”

Other’s were not as convinced that Mai has changed her ways and her mindset. They think it is odd that she was once so adamant about having a white husband.

Another Twitter user wrote “Not impressed nor excited about yet another fetishizer—Jeannie Mai—being engaged to a black man after publicly stating & giggling that she likes her “dark meat on the side.” In response to this tweet, another comment read: “Before anyone even says “she said that when she was married.” She didn’t say “her husband” keeps her mean and lean; she said WHITE. Being married doesn’t give an excuse to make fetishizing comments about another race. & why you talking bout side pieces while married.” People are clearly not happy with the way Mai spoke about black men as if they are not worthy enough to be her husband.

An article from Latino magazine we are mitú said that “Comments like these not only fetishize Black men and Black people, they dehumanize them as well.”

Jeezy’s Latest Instagram Post Saw Some Negative Comments About Mai

What seemed to be a chill quarantine night in for the couple quickly turned south for them. Jeezy posted a video singing and dancing with Mai and it seemed like the pair are getting along well. But the comment section was not too happy about the pairing after Mai’s comments resurfaced. The comment section is full of eye-roll emojis and comments like “I hate to see it” and “I’m sick of this sh*t.”

Another person questioned whether or not Jeezy was aware of Mai’s comments back in 2014 while many others suggested that Jeezy should be with a “strong black woman.” Someone also suggested that the relationship is a publicity stunt saying “Seems so publicity stuntish?!” Regardless of what people say, it seems like they are both extremely happy with each other.


The pair have remained mum on the subject of Mai’s past comments. We hope that the relationship is genuine and that they find success and happiness and that it is possible for Mai to have a new perspective on things.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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