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Derek Hough Becomes One of Jennifer Lopez’s Grooms in New Music Video for “Can’t Get Enough”

Derek Hough for 'Dancing With the Stars', Jennifer Lopez at the Golden GlobesPhoto by: Disney/Eric McCandless, Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

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Jennifer Lopez has released her new single “Can’t Get Enough” along with a cheeky music video referencing her past marriages. The video features Dancing With The Stars judge Derek Hough as one of Lopez’s many groom suitors.

Jennifer Lopez Drops New Music Video Starring Derek Hough

The lavish video for “Can’t Get Enough” shows Lopez exchanging vows with multiple husbands at rainy wedding ceremonies. After arriving at the reception and tying the knot with one groom, she then proceeds to dance with Hough instead.

Later, Lopez is seen with yet another new husband, actor Trevor Jackson. The visuals humorously nod to Lopez’s very public relationship history and a string of high-profile exes.

At one point, a catty wedding guest tells another, “Don’t catch it, it’s cursed” as Lopez tosses her bouquet. The video concludes with upset “ex-husbands” complaining about Lopez’s flaws off-camera.


On the red carpet at the Golden Globes, Lopez described the video as “kind of a meta story about the journey that it takes from getting from heartbreak back to love.”

“Can’t Get Enough” is the lead single from Lopez’s upcoming album This Is Me…Now, her first in over 15 years. It’s a follow-up to 2002’s This Is Me…Then, which chronicled her romance with Ben Affleck at the time.

The new project sees Lopez, now married to Affleck, revisiting that seminal time through music. In November, she unveiled the tracklist, which includes songs like “Dear Ben pt. II” and “Midnight Trip to Vegas.”

Lopez has been teasing the album’s February 16 release through social media. She filmed an accompanying “visual film” titlted This Is Me…Now: A Love Story to coincide with the new music.

Ben Affleck Supports Lopez’s Artistic Expression

Lopez told the press that her husband, Affleck, fully supports her creative endeavors despite being referenced in the cheeky video.

“He sees me as an artist,” Lopez said. “He knows that I’m going to express myself. He’s my biggest fan and my biggest supporter, as I am of him.”

Affleck even contributed to the screenplay for the visual film component. He understands Lopez’s need to channel their love story into her art.

Based on the first single, Lopez’s ninth studio album will be her most introspective and romantic project yet. Songs like “Greatest Love Story Never Told” and “Mad in Love” suggest she’ll sing openly about her rekindled relationship with Affleck.

While the playful video for “Can’t Get Enough” exudes joy, Lopez hinted that some heartbreaking ballads are also coming. She plans to explore the full journey of her quest for true love.

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