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David Archuleta Stuns in Vibrant “I’m Yours” Music Video

DAvid Archuleta at the 2023 QueertiesGetty Images

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Pop singer David Archuleta has recently dropped the multicolored music video of his new single “I’m Yours.” With the highly saturated music video, Archuleta is clearly being and expressing more of himself through music this year.

David Archuleta Releases “I’m Yours” Official Music Video

On July 14, Archuleta premiered the official visualizer of his latest single. Successfully so, the American Idol suffused the video with bright colors and vibrant elements. 

“‘I’m Yours’ is a song I wanted to get people dancing and smiling to,” he said. “It’s all about letting yourself go and being happy with a feel good, summery vibe.”

In the video, Archuleta can be seen dancing in a field of flowers and enjoying the music inside a brightly lit orb. A dancing and playful David is seen throughout the visualizer, perfectly matching the song’s tune and lyrics.

According to Archuleta, he wanted to make things “light, fun and unique” in the music video. Proud of the outcome, the pop singer expressed gratitude to video director Brad Hammer and his team for making his vision a reality.

The Single Manifests a Brand-New David

Experiencing a faith crisis after he stepped away from the Mormon church, it’s been a struggle for Archuleta to expose his true identity. Fortunately, after a serious and vulnerable self-reflection, he has finally come to terms with his sexuality. Now, he’s doing what he should’ve done earlier – being himself.

With “I’m Yours,” Archuleta displays his ecstatic and braver self. From his colorful wardrobe to the video’s flashy backgrounds, the song is an indirect but sure introduction of the singer’s new chapter in music.

Indeed, even fans are enjoying the sight of Archuleta in his genuine persona. Several fans pointed out how happy they were when he was dancing in the dome, signifying how free he feels today. 

Along with another single “Up,” “I’m Yours” is only a tiny bit of a bigger musical project that Archuleta is currently working on. With this type of music Archuleta is releasing, we do expect that the upcoming ones will be as dynamic.

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