Dangerous Crossbow Act Puts Simon Cowell’s Life On The Line [VIDEO]

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Crossbow performer Ben Blaque came to Britain’s Got Talent with his eyes on the prize. He wanted to win so he could perform at the Royal Variety Show. While he really did impress everyone with his crazy audition, his ‘Got Talent’ journey definitely ended in disappointment. Take a look at his memorable ‘BGT’ audition below.

Ben Blaque Brought Simon Cowell On ‘BGT’ Stage For Dangerous Crossbow Act

The 36-year-old had judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon giddy as they found him attractive. His act involved his very dangerous crossbow skills. His assistant joined him on stage and held up a balloon which he shot with an arrow. She then put another balloon in her mouth which he also shot right on target. Ben then stood on the judges table and borrowed Alesha’s phone. He used the cellphone camera to aim his crossbow at a balloon his assistant was holding on stage. The catch here is that he shot this one backward. Ben then called Simon up to the stage to help him out for the next part of his act. Six crossbows were set up on the stage, all aimed at each other. Ben wore a blindfold and placed an apple on his head.


Simon’s job was to ring a bell to signal Ben to shoot the arrows so that it would hit the apple on his head. Simon was pretty much standing in the path of the arrows, putting him in a very dangerous position. But, he rang the bells and Ben was able to hit the target and send an arrow shooting through the apple on his head.

“You had an opportunity to kill Simon Cowell and you blew it,” David Walliams said jokingly. “Ben, you are hot, you take a shot and you definitely hit the spot,” Alesha said. “It’s like really dangerous, it’s incredible,” Amanda said. “I thought the act was great,” Simon said. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. That’s not magic, it’s real.” He was sent into the semifinals. Alesha joined him on stage to play a game of crossbow roulette but he was later eliminated from ‘BGT.’

Ben Also Took His Talents To ‘AGT’

Ben also auditioned for season seven of America’s Got Talent. Again he used his crossbow to shoot numerous objects from different points on the stage. He was later eliminated in the Quarterfinals but brought back as a Wild Card. But, ultimately he was eliminated from the competition again. Ben came back for redemption on season two of America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Again he relied on Alesha’s help on stage and put his life in her hands. This time the act went totally haywire. Ben had host Terry Crews chain him up in the direct line of the crossbows. Alesha pulled a lever and it was supposed to release a crossbow but nothing happened. He realized that he never took the safeties off the crossbows. This got him a red buzzer from Howie Mandel.

After taking the safeties off of the crossbows, Ben returned to his post. He instructed Alesha to pull the levers again, and this time, the crossbows got jammed. This earned him three more red buzzers which shut down his act. Ben was very clearly disappointed in himself as he was eliminated from the competition.

Where Is He Now?

After his disappointing America’s Got Talent: The Champions outing, Ben has been pretty quiet on social media. He even made his Instagram private. He also performed on the show Masters of Illusion.


He hinted on Instagram a few months back that he wanted to try the trick that got him four buzzers sometime again in the future. Do you think Ben should have another chance at his dangerous crossbow act on another ‘Got Talent’ show?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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