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Ryan Hayashi had been training in the art of samurai swords for 20 years at the time of his Britain’s Got Talent audition. “This is the most dangerous thing that’s ever been attempted on British television,” he said before taking the stage. Check out his nail-biting performance below that could’ve ended in injury if it went wrong.

Samurai Swordsman Ryan Hayashi Brought Danger To ‘BGT’

Hayashi pulled out an antique samurai sword and demonstrated its sharpness by slicing through a bunch of cucumbers. Simon Cowell was not feeding into all of the talking Hayashi was doing and pressed his red buzzer. He called upon an audience member to tie a blindfold around his head, while his assistant sat in a chair and strapped a cucumber to his head, held two in his hands and put another one in his mouth. Hayashi proceeded to slice all of the cucumbers that his assistant was holding as the audience continued to gasp. Each one was more dangerous than the next.


After the act, Simon let out a “bloody hell.” Amanda Holden said that she was bored at first during the act. “It was terrifying, it was dangerous. Very exciting” she said of the rest of the act. “I really liked it,” Piers Morgan said. “It was very dangerous and compelling to watch.” Simon had conflicting opinions. “Here’s my issue,” he said. “You’ve done cucumbers, how much smaller are you prepared to go in the next round?” he asked. Hayashi said he would consider using beans next time and would try to chop those as a way of stepping up his game. The judges all voted “yes” to send Hayashi into the next round despite Simon initially giving him a red buzzer. He was later eliminated from the competition. His ‘BGT’ audition now had over 50 million views.

Where Is He Now?

Though the samurai swordsman did not end up winning Britain’s Got Talent, he has appeared on several other global ‘Got Talent’ shows. He had performed his show-stopping routines in Holland. He has also conquered Germany’s Got Talent, Romania’s Got Talent and Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent. One thing that really sets him apart from the other acts is that he speaks six languages so he is really able to connect with international audiences. We asked him exclusively if he had any plans to appear on other ‘Got Talent’ shows in the future. “Yes, I had a fifth one planned for a fifth country but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus,” he said. He also told us that he would “possibly” be open to appearing on another talent show in the future.

He also performed on Tonight at the London Palladium which is a huge honor.

Hayashi is not just a samurai swordsman, he is also a magician and mentalist. He has his own YouTube channel where he shows off some of his incredible black top table card tricks. Check one out below involving wine glasses.

He also became notoriously known for his appearance on season five of Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He tricked the legendary magicians with his coin matrix performance.


Hayashi has become quite well-known in the magic world since his appearance on ‘BGT.’ And, he has some big dreams to perform on stage with some of the world’s biggest stars. “If I could make this happen, I would love to collaborate with the creators of the new Netflix series Cobra Kai which deals with the characters from The Karate Kid, the 1984 classic movie about Mr. Miyagi,” he told us. “I would love to be cast to play young Mr. Miyagi before we get to meet him as an older man in a series called Mr. Miyagi.” His second dream would be to perform with a ballet dancer in “a partner dance magic manipulation act” which has been a dream of his for years.


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