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Blake Shelton Demands a “Do-Over” of ‘The Voice’ Battle Round Performance

Bryce Leatherwood, The Dryes on 'The Voice'Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

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After a minor technical difficulty during the Battle Rounds, Blake Shelton wants a “do-over” of his team’s performance. Since doing so would be complicated, the coach thought of a good resolution.

Blake Shelton Asks for a Battle Round Performance Redo

In the final episode of The Voice season 22 Battle Rounds, Bryce Leatherwood and The Dryes went against each other to maintain their spot in Team Blake. The three sang to “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn.

Apparently, the tempo seemed a bit faster than usual at the beginning of the song number. Thus, the married duo had to adjust and quickly jive with the beat. Fortunately, they caught up in the music and still gave a nice performance.

“Is it just me or was the tempo kind of…” Camila Cabello asked.

The coaches did notice that the kickoff of the performance wasn’t as expected. Cabello looked to Shelton to confirm that it wasn’t correct.

“Completely out of the pocket. In the beginning, but they finally caught up,” Shelton explained.

The Dryes clarified that they couldn’t hear the drums, so they were uncertain of the tempo.

“I wish we could have a do-over,” Shelton said. “Which, I’ve been texting with the legal department, apparently that’s a no-go.”

For Cabello, Bryce stood out due to his “calm confidence.” Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani loved The Drye’s chemistry, but still chose Bryce. Contrary to the two’s opinion, John Legend picked The Dryes because of their electric dynamic.


He Keeps Bryce, The Dryes on His Team

Once it was Shelton’s turn to talk, he first congratulated his team for “powering on through” the performance. The coach praised The Dryes for being veterans and recovering from the technical issue.

“Bryce, I’m still learning about you, you’re only 22 years old, and I don’t know how much experience you have on stage,” Shelton said. “But it seems like you have about 40 years of experience.”

Ultimately, Shelton chose Bryce, saying that he primarily based it on what happened during the performance. However, he refused to give up on The Dryes and pressed ‘Save.’

“The Dryes are super talented. They just got behind the beat,” he said. “And I know that they’re better musicians than that.”

Shelton may not have been granted a performance do-over, but he got to keep the married duo in the show. The Voice Battle Rounds are all done, and the remaining contestants of each team are now getting ready for the Knockout Rounds.

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