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Defending Bini The Bunny From Simon Cowell’s Red Buzzer

Bini the Bunny AGTTrae Patton/NBC

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We’ve seen dog acts, we’ve seen cat acts, but we had never seen a rabbit act on America’s Got Talent, until now! Pet acts quickly catch the heart of America and our four judges, but this new pet has the potential to raise the bar for other competitors!

Bini the Bunny and his owner, Shai Lighter, auditioned for America’s Got Talent during the last round of auditions this season. Their audition showed America that a bunny can turn around on command, bowl, slam dunk a basketball, and play a guitar. All of the judges loved Bini and their act except Simon Cowell.

Cowell is known for his love of animals (especially dogs), and their acts. But, he hit the red buzzer on Bini. Shai, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum asked to give Bini a second to finish the part of the act after Cowell’s red buzzer.

“The rabbit hasn’t done anything,” said Cowell.

Even with Cowell’s disgust of the act, Sofia Vergara, Mandel, and Klum stayed invested and moved Bini on to the next round of the competition.


Bini is a Guinness World Record Holder

The bunny duo has since posted a video of them rehearsing the act at home. In the video, it is obvious that Bini didn’t bring his ‘A’ game to the stage last night.

On his Instagram there are videos of him playing the piano, painting, slam dunking, and playing the ukulele. Within his bio, it can be seen that Bini is actually a Guinness World Record holder. He won this Guinness world record status after doing the most slam dunks by a rabbit in 60 seconds.

How adorable is that? The more videos we’ve seen, the more we think that Bini was just nervous on the AGT stage. It’s obvious he’s been doing this all for a while so maybe the big stage and bright lights only scared him.

We hope that we will be able to see a calmer version of Bini on the stage during the live shows. It would stink to see him go home so soon from his nerves getting the best of him.

A Chaotic Future Ahead for Bini


Bini’s talent is one of a kind, and completely new to the AGT stage. But, I don’t think he’ll make it past the semi-finals. If he even makes it that far. To begin, he didn’t have a great first audition. Unfortunately, if you don’t improve immensely after the first audition, you typically will find yourself on the chopping block.

I also think that this season is filled with other great animal talents that will quickly outshine Bini on stage. I mean, we have Alexandra Cote with Tesla. The dog team brought more than just their ‘A’ game when Louka ran on stage surprised the whole audience. Or you have Casper and Pam with their seasoned singing talents, for a few examples. Both of these other acts had a great first performance, and didn’t receive the red buzzer at all.

Even though Bini’s act is really cool, I think his AGT run will be similar to Pompeyo Family Dogs in season 12. This family/dog act was exciting throughout the first couple rounds of the show. Their act contained the family guiding dogs into doing fun jumps and other skills. Pompeyo Family Dogs were voted out during the quarterfinals in season 12. But, they ended up becoming the wildcard act, then were once again eliminated during the semi-finals.

I get the same chaotic energy and all over the place feeling from Bini’s audition that I did with the Pompeyo Family, it was just more of Shai talking and didn’t have any music.

I think Bini needs to step up his game and prepare his little heart for the big stage going forward. I hope to see a less chaotic version of their act in the upcoming weeks of the show.

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