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Big Machine Records Drops ‘American Idol’ Star Laci Kaye Booth

Laci Kaye Booth on the 'American Idol' red carpetPhoto by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

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American Idol star Laci Kaye Booth has finally broken her silence in regard to her unreleased music. In line with this, Booth revealed that she has been dropped by her record label, Big Machine Label Group.

Laci Kaye Booth was Embarrassed to Share Loss of Record Deal

In an almost three-minute TikTok video, Laci Kaye Booth announced that she is now moving towards a new path in her career. The singer was evidently emotional as she tried to share the sad news.

“I got dropped from my label,” she said. “The first label that I signed with, the first label I met three years ago when I came to Nashville.”

Booth stated that it took long for her to break the news because she feels “embarrassed” by what happened. She explained that hates sharing her failures, joking that it’s because she’s a Virgo. Even though she said as much as she could about the situation, it seems like there was information she may be withholding. Nevertheless, she held back for a good reason.

“There’s still a lot of people over there at that label that I love so I won’t say anything bad. I won’t speak ill of nobody,” she said.

Big Machine Label Group was the first record label that Booth signed with after placing fifth in American Idol Season 17. In August 2021, she released her self-titled debut EP under this deal. However, this music didn’t gain enough traction. Booth didn’t release any other music with the record company.

Booth Hints That She Was Deprived of “Creative Control”

Despite the recent career heartbreak, Booth has been taking time to create music as an independent artist. According to her, she’s opened her “whole mind, body, spirit, and eyes” and finally discovered who she wanted to be as an artist. Such was her vision since she was a little girl.

“I feel like women in the industry, for some reason, we don’t always get to have creative control like we should as artists,” she said.

While Booth didn’t exactly point fingers with her statement, gender can be a factor why she left the record label.

“Women need to have creative control, I have new music coming out as an independent artist, I love y’all, have a great day,” she said fiercely.

The singer admitted that she feels like a failure, but she remains positive as she has created something fruitful out of it. She then continued by assuring her fans that she’s praying for a blessing to come around for them. As the video nears its end, the singer changed her tone into a strong one.

Booth will mark her first independent release with her newest music, “Damn Good In A Dive Bar.” As of now, fans can pre-save the song in multiple audio streaming platforms as they wait for the full version.

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