‘BGT’ Semifinals: Nurse Who Survived COVID Performs Emotional Song [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke
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BGT returned on Saturday night with the fifth and final episode of the semifinals, as eight acts performed for the chance to make it to the Season 14 finals. Out of those acts, the judges chose one act from the night to go to the finals, while the audience will vote for the second act to move on.

Since Simon Cowell is still recovering from back surgery, former Britain’s Got Talent winner Ashley Banjo once again filled in as a guest judge. The audience, meanwhile, was made up of people watching virtually from their homes.


This week’s episode opened with a performance from last year’s BGT winner Colin Thackery, who sang “What the World Needs Now Is Love” by the seaside while a chorus backed him up from the studio.

Soldiers Of Swing

These friends, who met in the army reserves, returned to the stage to perform a unique, old-fashioned version of One Direction’s “Story of My Life” while wearing their uniforms. David Walliams said they’ve improved since their audition, and Amanda Holden said they “smashed it.”

Håkan Berg

This Swedish magician returned with a funny bird-themed routine involving the judges. He made the birds disappear and reappear, guessed which birds the BGT judges chose from a deck of cards, and conjured a giant parrot. David and Ashley Banjo gave him a standing ovation.

Shalom Chorale

This gospel choir performed a rousing mash-up of songs from inside a church in London. Amanda said it seemed like a music video. Ashley said it’s “a flavor that we have been missing,” adding that he hopes they’re in the finals.

Wesley Williams

This unicyclist (who also recently appeared on America’s Got Talent) put his life in the judges’ hands as he rode a 30-foot unicycle blindfolded while they directed him. The judges were clearly nervous as they told him where to go, but he made it through safely.


Crissy Lee

This 77-year-old drummer performed a medley of rock songs while fireworks burst around her. David called her an “inspiration.” Alesha said there were timing issues, and Crissy admitted she had trouble hearing the track.

Nabil Abdulrashid

This comedian earned the Golden Buzzer from Alesha Dixon in the auditions. He returned with a set commenting on issues of racism. The judges laughed along with his jokes and gave him a standing ovation.

Aidan McCann

This 11-year-old magician performed remotely from Ireland, and recruited David Walliams to help him with his trick. He predicted which drawing David would choose, and even how he would color it in. The BGT judges gave him a standing ovation for the act, and Amanda called him “professional.”

Beth Porch

This singing nurse and COVID-19 survivor returned to the stage to perform an original song about the pandemic on her guitar. Ashley called her a “pure talent,” and David said it was a “fitting tribute” to her colleagues. Amanda called her “a credit to the job that you do and to humanity.”

‘BGT’ Results: Who’s Going To The Finals?

The judges were tasked with choosing their top three performances of the night, and then voted on which act should move on to the finals. The top three were Nabil Abdulrashid, Wesley Williams, and Shalom Chorale. The judges voted to send Nabil Abdulrashid through to the finals.

The remaining seven acts are up for public vote until Monday, and we’ll find out who went through at the BGT final next week. Let us know in the comments which act was your favorite!

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