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‘BGT’ Judge Amanda Holden, 48, Refuses To Age — Watch Her Bikini Body Skills [VIDEO]

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Is there anything Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden can’t do? She showed off her amazing body and talent in a recent Instagram video during a cartwheel competition with her daughter. Watch the mother-daughter duo absolutely kill their cartwheels below!

It seems like Holden is trying to make the most out of her lockdown by spending time with her daughters, Hollie and Alexa. Whose cartwheel was best?

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Amanda Holden Showing Off Her Body On Social Media

Does she ever age? Holden posted a steamy snap in a bikini top and looked like she was ready to take in some sun. She jokingly captioned it “I love a freshly mowed lawn,” as if anyone is going to be looking at the lawn. She teased fans with a small glimpse of her abs and flashed a smile.

“Never mind the lawn, who’s looking at the lawn? You’re looking fresh and healthy. Hope you’re having a relaxing day,” said one Instagram comment. We couldn’t agree more. Other’s flooded the comments with heart emojis and compliments. Holden gets her amazing body from running. She posted the following Instagram video after coming back from a run. She rewarded herself after her run with a huge decadent chocolate cake and we are totally jealous.

In the video, Holden jokingly lifts up the cake as if she is doing an exercise with weights. “You go girl with your chocolate cake work out… hope it tastes as good as it looks,” said one comment. One of her daughters also joined her for some jumping jacks. Staying active and exercising is important during this time. It is clearly working for Holden who looks half her age. The pair looked adorable in matching leggings.


She Hopes Her Revealing Wardrobe Is “Less Offensive” On This Season Of ‘BGT’

Holden is known for her flashy and revealing wardrobe on Britain’s Got Talent. She hopes that this season people will not criticize her for what she wears especially while there is currently so much going on in the world with the spread of COVID-19. Holden told The Sun, “You never know what’s going to offend people, but I’d hope that in light of all the things that are happening now, that when the show does go out, a bit of side-boob will be less offensive after all we’ve been through.”

She was often criticized by Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator for showing too much cleavage. However, she said that she will “continue to do a lack of dress” and wear whatever she wants. As she should, because she clearly has an amazing body that she wants to show off.

Holden also said that her daughter Alexa will be designing one of her dresses for the live shows this season. She has always been interested in fashion and will be collaborating with Holden’s stylist to bring the design to life. We cannot wait to see the awesome design that she comes up with.

She Recently Spoke About Simon Cowell’s Weight Loss

Holden said that she has seen a noticeable difference in Simon Cowell’s weight ahead of this season of ‘BGT.’ “With Simon it was such a gradual thing, but I noticed immediately that he had lost weight,” she said. “We finished auditions last year and then got back together two weeks later for deliberations and I said straight away, ‘Right, what have you been doing because you look amazing!’” His secret to losing weight is his new vegan diet.

But it seems like Cowell’s body isn’t the only one looking amazing during this upcoming season. Holden showed off her flawless hourglass figure in a pink gown when she took out the trash. She is definitely keeping her followers thoroughly entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic and she looks amazing while doing it.

Can anybody else pull off a glam look like this while taking out the garbage? We love that Holden is having fun and trying to make people smile during this difficult time.


The new season of Britain’s Got Talent is currently airing on ITV, so definitely be on the lookout for Holden’s amazing outfits and more bikini Instagram pictures of course!

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