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‘American Idol’ Couple Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Maddie Poppe are Not Getting Married — Yet

Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe on 'American Idol'Photo by ABC/Christopher Willard

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Longtime couple Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe tells fans to stop asking them about marriage. Despite their public relationship, the American Idol couple has expressed that they’re not ready to tie the knot. In turn, they have asked fans to stop asking about when they’ll wed.

Hutchinson, Poppe Have No Plans on Rushing for Marriage

In the second episode of Green Couch Podcast hosted by Hutchinson himself, the couple casually talked about a variety of issues surrounding their career and romantic relationship. Subsequently, the 49-minute conversation answered questions regarding societal standards, mental health, and the weight that comes with winning American Idol.

Within the podcast episode, Hutchinson and Poppe answered the most-asked question from fans: “When are you guys getting married?”

Hutchinson states that he gets messages asking when their wedding is going to be and whether he has plans to propose. In a humorous yet sarcastic manner, the couple honestly noted that they are not yet ready for marriage.

“I am young. I am 24 years old. My parents had two children by this time in their lives,” Poppe explained. “However, that was 1997, okay? Different world back then. Also they’re Midwesterners and in the Midwest, it’s very common to get married at this age.”


Poppe explained that she’s looking to live a lifestyle where not getting married and not having kids are normalized. Since this is common in today’s day-and-age, fans weren’t too surprised to hear this.

“I don’t see any problem with me not being married or engaged right now,” she stated. “I’m not ready to be an adult yet. I feel like a child still.”

Years ago, Poppe tweeted about marrying Hutchinson after he made her waffles past midnight. The couple was also undoubtedly determined on being each other’s end game in several media platforms. Since Poppe has publicly talked about seeing her future with her significant other, many believed this meant marriage was on the rise.

Couple Jokingly Asks Fans to Leave Them Alone

Although this couple isn’t ready to get married, it doesn’t mean they’ll be breaking up any time soon. Within the podcast, they made it clear that they are still happily together in 2022.

“Neither one of us are going anywhere,” Hutchinson expressed. “I think there’s an idea that if I don’t marry you, then you are actively searching for someone else and so am I. Like you’re either off the market or you’re on it. And I think it can be true that we are dating monogamously and not looking for anyone else.”

Hutchinson then directly told Poppe that he loves her and that their relationship grows stronger each day. Although Poppe didn’t share a loving response, she acknowledged that she agrees his statement.

Before finishing the episode, they clarified that their future wedding will be completely private. The couple explained that they see themselves eloping in the future, instead of planning a traditional wedding.

“No one’s getting invited. We’ve talked about this,” Poppe affirmed. “I want to go, like, to like Jamaica or something. But just us two. No one else is coming with us. We’re not paying for other people to celebrate our day!”

Even though fans still have many questions about the American Idol couple’s relationship, the two have asked for privacy at this time. When they decide to wed, they plan to keep their arrangements a secret.

At this time, Hutchinson and Poppe are focused on their individual careers. Recently, Poppe released a new single titled “Peace of Mind” while Hutchinson launched Green Couch Podcast and continues to do acoustic live shows.

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