‘AGT’ Recap: Live Shows Kick Off as Wildcard Act Is Revealed

Jill O'Rourke
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Drake Milligan AGT live showsPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent Season 17 returned on Tuesday night as the live shows kicked off and the wildcard act was announced after last week’s vote. During the show, the first 11 acts performed in the first round of the Qualifiers. America’s vote will determine which two acts will move on to the Finals.

You can vote for your favorite acts now until Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. ET, through either the website or the app. The results will be announced during Wednesday night’s results show, which will feature a performance from last year’s winner Dustin Tavella.

Jordan Conley Announced as ‘AGT’ Wildcard Act

The judges chose 54 acts to go to the live shows, but one more act was chosen by the audience at home. Viewers chose between four acts to decide who should be a wildcard — Auzzy Blood, Ben Waites, Debbii Dawson, or Jordan Conley.

During Tuesday’s show, host Terry Crews announced that comedian Jordan Conley earned the final spot in the live shows. Considering he was up against two singers, it’s impressive that he received so much support from viewers. Crews said Jordan will perform at some point later in the Qualifiers.

Simon Cowell Angers Audience with Red Buzzers

Judge Simon Cowell hit his red buzzer for three acts during Tuesday’s show. The first was during Ben Lapidus’ performance. This time, the singer put a hard rock spin on his audition song about always wanting more parmesan. Heidi Klum was into it, as was the crowd, but the three other judges buzzed the act, with Vergara asking, “How are you back here?”

Cowell was on his own later in the show, buzzing comedian Lace Larrabbee during a standup set in which she trash-talked her husband. The audience booed Cowell for the move, and he later explained that he felt like the act was “going downhill,” and he was trying to help her.

Later, Colombian dance duo Stefanny and Yeeremy took the stage for a sexy performance set to “River” by Bishop Briggs. Cowell hit his red buzzer, prompting Vergara to call him “loco.” He said he felt like the performance needed a transition halfway through.

On the other hand, Cowell changed his mind about more than one act during this week’s show. After buzzing contortionist Oleksandr Yenivatov in his audition, he shared his praise for this week’s performance. He also shared that he didn’t like comedian Don McMillan’s audition, but said, “I was wrong.”

The Judges Love Drake Milligan, Avery Dixon

Country singer Drake Milligan returned to the stage with his band on Tuesday night to perform another original song called “Kiss Goodbye All Night.” He showed off an amazing stage presence and even tried out some dance moves. The judges loved it.

Vergara called it “perfection,” saying it felt like Drake has “been playing on the radio for years.” Cowell called Drake “the real deal” and a “great songwriter.” He called it the best performance of the night so far, while Howie Mandel predicted he could win the whole show.

The show ended with a performance from saxophone player Avery Dixon, who earned Crews’ Golden Buzzer. He delivered an incredible rendition of “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder. The judges commented on how confident he’s become, with Cowell predicting he’ll “be a superstar.” Mandel said he’s “grown by leaps and bounds.”

Other strong performances came from acrobatic group Amoukanama, dog trainer Amazing Veranica, singer Ava Swiss, and the Players Choir. But only two acts can make it through in Wednesday’s results show. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites until 7 a.m. ET.

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