Everything to Know About ‘AGT’s Freaky Contortion Couple Oleksandr, Aurélie Yenivatov

Corey Cesare
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Oleksandr and Aurélie Brua YenivatovPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC, Aurélie Brua Yenivatov via Facebook

Oleksandr and Aurélie Brua Yenivatov are among the performers taking the America’s Got Talent stage during the third round of auditions. These circus performers are ready to show off their balancing and contortion skills for their audition.

Who is Oleksandr Yenivatov?

Oleksandr is a Ukrainian contortionist that is currently living in France. He learned his talents in the Nikouline Circus in Moscow. It seems like he’s known for his frog character, “Sacha the Frog” or “Gentleman Frog,” which was created in 2001. Reportedly, this act continues to evolve with more comedy, choreography, and new exercises.

This contortionist has won gold in the Belgium International Circus Festival “European Circus Festival” and bronze in Paris’s “Festival du Cirque de Demain.” He’s also appeared on a lot of TV shows, most notably on Das Supertalent (Germany’s version of Got Talent), and Incroyable Talent (France’s Got Talent). Oleksandr has also been a guest performer on shows in the United Kingdom, Spain, China, Japan, and Italy. Oleksandr has also appeared in several cabarets theaters, festivals, as well as traditional and modern circuses.

Oleksandr’s main on stage acts are called “La Rose,” “Gentleman,” “Sacha The Kalinka Frog,” and “Frankenstein.” It seems like he’ll be performing “Frankenstein” alongside his wife, Aurélie Brua Yenivatov during his AGT audition.

Who is Aurélie Brua Yenivatov?

Aurélie has just as much experience on the stage as he does. She began performing as an circus artist at the age of 27, after a career in gymnastics. Oleksandr originally worked as her teacher and art director, but became her husband in December 2003.

Aurélie has also appeared in a variety of different cruises, theaters and cabarets, casinos, festivals, galas, as well as modern and traditional circuses. Aurélie has aksi appeared on Italy’s Tu Si Que Vales, Germany’s Das Supertalent, Incroyable Talent (France’s Got Talent), and more.

According to her website, her main acts are balances and double mates. In 1999, she had just finished her career as a gymnast and was working with Cirque Archaos. She saw two poles lying on the ground and asked technicians to fix them vertically parallel to each other. She later named the discipline: double mates. Aurélie created this into an act in 2005. As for balances, Aurélie was taught how to do cane balancing (also known as hand balance) in 2001 by Oleksandr. After three years of practice, she created her first act “Le Lutin.”

Since Oleksandr’s audition photo shows him and Aurélie on stage together, we think they will continue to perform together throughout each round of the competition. Make sure to tune into America’s Got Talent to find out what the audience and judges think of this act.

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9 months ago

does he have Marfan syndrome?

11 months ago

If they are Ukrainian then why did they use the Russian word for yes? Dah is not Ukrainian. How do we know they are Ukrainian?


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