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7 Things To Know About Terry Crews’s Golden Buzzer Avery Dixon

Avery Dixon poses with his mother, Simon Cowell, and Terry CrewsPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC

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Avery Dixon became an immediate viral sensation after his uplifting, soulful saxophone performance on America’s Got Talent. The 21 year old musician made waves after Terry Crews hit his golden buzzer for the flawless musical performance.

As soon as Avery began playing on the AGT stage, it was evident that he has years of experience under his belt. Here’s everything you need to know about his career to his point.

1. He Learned Saxophone to Escape From Bullies

Avery picked up the saxophone for the first time in 2009 as an escape from bullying. On AGT the musician explained bullying a was a result of him sounding and looking different. The mean remarks wore him down, until he learned to play saxophone. Ever since, the instrument has been his “safe place,” no matter where he is.


2. His Health Struggles Don’t Define Him

Avery’s health struggles began early in life when he was born 24 weeks early and weighed only one pound and eight ounces. He was placed in the NICU with a breathing tube, which resulted in his present day vocal condition. As mentioned on AGT, Avery struggles with a condition that causes his voice to be pitchy and airy due because is vocal cords don’t close completely. Even with his condition, he has defied the odds by excelling as a musician.


3. He’s Won Multiple Awards

Before ever taking the AGT stage, Avery had received multiple awards for his music. In 2018, he won the Musician of the Year award from the Tommie Smith Youth Initiative. Along with winning the title, Avery was flown out to New York and presented a Yamaha 62 tenor saxophone. The musician was also a youth delegate and provided entertainment for the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference in Washington DC. On top of that, he’s received the VSA International Young Soloists Award and the Gospel Choice Awards’s Best Gospel Instrumentalist Award.


4. He Released an EP in 2019

Above all, Avery is working to find his place in the jazz genre. He’s gained on stage experience by opening for artists like Ken Ford and performing alongside saxophonist Mike Phillips. Avery has also performed at the Atlanta Jazz Festival. At this festival, he debuted his first single “Song 34,” as well as his 2019 EP Entrées.


5. His Great Grandfather is His Biggest Inspiration

Avery is inspired by his great grandfather, Maxwell Davis. Davis was an R&B saxophonist, arranger, record producer, and “Father of the West Coast R&B.” During his career he worked with BB King, Etta James, ZZ Hill, and many others.


6. He Founded an Organization Called GraceNotes and Totes

Avery strives to give back to the hospital he was born in. He uses performance money to provide NICU families of preemie babies with essential supplies such as diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, and small stuffed toys. His goal is to gift bags of brand new preemie and newborn clothes, baby blankets, diapers, wipes, stuffed toys, and onesies once a month.


7. He’s Been Crowned “a Star of Tomorrow” at The Apollo Theater

When Avery had the opportunity to perform at Amateur Night, he won first place as a Star of Tomorrow. When he returned, he won first place as a Star of Tomorrow in Amateur Night SHOW OFF. In his last appearance, he performed in the Amateur Night Holiday Special alongside Diggy Simons. Outside of the Apollo, he has performed at the Bijou Theatre’s “Your Time to Shine” talent competition in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He won first place in the youth division.


We can’t wait to see Avery Dixon again in the America’s Got Talent semifinals. We hope to see this saxophone player continue further into the competition.

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Cameron Harvey
Cameron Harvey
1 year ago

This kid is the next Louis Armstrong of the saxophone.I watched his audition and started crying like a baby.THIS KID IS A STAR!:)

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