‘AGT’ Recap: Terry Crews OWNS The Night After Golden Buzzer Moment

Julia Delbel
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We all know America’s Got Talent is the place to see acts you won’t find anywhere else, and there were plenty of those tonight. From talented rats, to wild sound effects, here’s everything that went down during tonight’s show.

Melissa Arleth

Melissa Arleth had her rat Hanta play on a jungle gym-like obstacle course. It was equally impressive and adorable, and the judges gave the duo unanimous yeses.

Ansley Burns

Ansley Burns sang “Think” by Aretha Franklin, but Simon wasn’t feeling it with the backing track. Thankfully, Ansley managed to come through with her a capella version of the song and got four yeses.

Sos Petrosyan

Sos Petrosyan is the son of Season 11 quick-change duo Sos and Victoria. He performed a lively card magic routine that had the audience cheering and all for judges saying “YES!”.

Marcin Patrzalek

Marcin Patrzalek can do a lot with a guitar. He mixed playing it with using it to make additional sound effects for his audition, which kept the judges on their toes the whole way through. Four yeses!

Andy Rowell

Andy Rowell sang karaoke, a brave choice considering Simon’s disdain for it. But it turned out to be a lot more tongue-in-cheek than he initially let on, and he managed to win all four judges over. (And yes, he is indeed that guy you may have seen sing this song before in a popular meme.)


Adem Show

What do you get when you combine the mannerisms of Samurai and robots? Adem Dance Crew! They have previously been Golden Buzzer act on Asia’s Got Talent but their audition on AGT was unlike anything the judges had ever seen, and all of them voted in favor of their advancement.

Voices Of Service

Voices of Service are a group of military veterans who performed a lovely a capella quartet of Katy Perry’s “Rise” for their audition. They legitimately have some of the best voices this season so far, and made it through with unanimous yeses.

Terry Crews Flute Strip Moment

We see a lot of montages on AGT, but I think this may have been the first time we got one focused on flute performances. Simon showed no hesitancy in expressing his disdain for the instrument, but AGT’s resident flutist Terry was eager to get in on the action, most notably in a performance that combined flute playing with stripping.

Dominguez Poodles

The Dominguez Poodles did some fun tricks, and their human family got in on the act too! They certainly charmed the judges, and got four yeses as a result.


We’ve seen plenty of a capella singing groups, but France’s Berywam is an a capella beatboxing group! The judges were impressed and gave them four yeses!

Golden Buzzer: Detroit Youth Choir

To cap the evening off, Detroit Youth Choir gave us a performance that packed emotion, fun, and surprises all into a single song. The judges absolutely loved it, and Terry, moved by their performance and feeling connected to them as someone who also grew up in Michigan, gave them his Golden Buzzer!

Which of tonight’s AGT performances was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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