10 Best Dance Groups In ‘AGT’ History

Jill O'Rourke
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V. Unbeatable competes on "AGT"NBC

In 14 seasons of AGT, a dance group has never won the million-dollar prize. However, that doesn’t mean the show hasn’t had some spectacular dance groups over the years.

TOP 10 dance groups on ‘AGT’

A number of talented dance groups have made it to the finals, and earned praise from the judges and audience. Check out ten of the best dance groups from AGT history below, in no particular order.

V. Unbeatable

This acrobatic dance group from India blew the judges away with their high-flying act on Season 14 of AGT. It seemed possible that the group would win the show, but fans were shocked when they only made it to fourth place. There’s always a chance they’ll return for AGT: The Champions.

Light Balance Kids

V. Unbeatable wasn’t the only dance group in the Season 14 finals. This Ukrainian act featured young dancers in light-up clothing. They were mentored by a past act called Light Balance. Light Balance Kids earned the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Ellie Kemper during the Judge Cuts.

Light Balance

Light Balance Kids were mentored by this group from Ukraine, who finished Season 12 in third place. Their colorful, light-up dance routines were always entertaining to watch. They earned the Golden Buzzer from host Tyra Banks, and returned for AGT: The Champions earlier this year.


This acrobatic dance group was the runner-up in Season 13 of AGT, losing to Shin Lim. The group is based in Austria, with a Brazilian choreographer named Peterson da Cruz Hora. Tyra Banks pressed the Golden Buzzer for the group, who combined dance with gymnastics and acrobatics.


This acrobatic dance group from Season 12 did some amazing things on the AGT stage. The group mixes movement with architectural structures, as directed by Jacques Heim. Their audition involved dancing on top of and around a rocking structure that looked as if it might crush them.

Fighting Gravity

This blacklight dance group featured brothers from Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Virginia Tech. They finished Season 5 in third place. The group used blacklight technology to make it look as if they were, well, “fighting gravity,” floating and flying through the air.

The Untouchables

This dance group from Season 7 was coached by members of the Miami All Stars, which reached the finals of Season 6. The oldest member of the group was just 13 years old. They lit up the stage with colorful outfits and infectious dance moves, making it to sixth place.

Team iLuminate

This light-up dance group finished in third place in Season 6 of AGT. The group was created by Miral Kotb, who studied both computer science and dance. Much like Light Balance, the group performed in the dark while wearing light-up costumes and performing improbably moves.

Innovative Force

This dance group from Season 8 featured young female dancers aged 8 to 19. Their act involved amazing acrobatics and gymnastics, including high-flying leaps and balancing moves. Their incredible talent took them all the way to the finals.

Fab Five

These five sisters grew up on a dairy farm in Utah. They brought their clogging act to Season 4 of America’s Got Talent, and made it to the finals. The women wore themed outfits and danced to pop music during their performances. Have you been watching long enough to remember them?

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