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‘AGT’ Ventriloquist Celia Muñoz Says She “Couldn’t Perform” With Her Puppet on The Show

Celia Munoz performs in the 'America's Got Talent' finalePhoto by Trae Patton/NBC

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Celia Muñoz is the ventriloquist who stunned the judges and the live audience with her performances on America’s Got Talent. Since the ventriloquist performed without a puppet on the national series, she recently introduced her personal puppet, Joselito, to her new fans.

Fans are Dying to Know Why Celia Muñoz “Couldn’t” Perform With Her Puppet on AGT

As seen on AGT, Muñoz is a ventriloquist that performs without the restraints of a puppet. Even though she was seen puppetless, the 36 year old still impressed the audience and won the fan based wildcard vote to enter the finale. In Thursday’s Instagram post, Muñoz shared a photo of her and her puppet, revealing that he went to the AGT auditions with her.

“I couldn’t perform with him but I hope one day soon I can show him in USA!” Muñoz wrote. “He is a kid prodigy with a voice of Gold! His name is Joselito.”

Even though Muñoz was a clear fan favorite in the competition, some fans did question why the ventriloquist never brought a puppet to the stage. Now, it’s clear that she wasn’t able to perform with the puppet for unspecified reasons. Celia, if you’re reading this… why couldn’t you perform with him on AGT?

There’s always been tons of rumors that producers have a way of skewing the show to the interests of the audience and unfortunately it seems like this may have been one of those moments. As you may remember, Muñoz wasn’t the only ventriloquist seen on this season of AGT.

Instead of going the traditional route, Muñoz opted to go with props such as a radio and a telephone, floss for her teeth, and a water bottle filled with water. Overall she delivered a unique and entertaining act, without even the need for a puppet. No matter the reason the ventriloquist was unable to perform with Joselito, fans can look forward to the possibility of Muñoz performing with him in the USA in the future.

She Won Got Talent España With Joselito

Muñoz’s unique style of ventriloquism helped her win season six of Got Talent España in 2021. Within the show, the singer once again combined her talents of magic and ventriloquism to earn the praise of the judges. Within the series, she earned a Golden Buzzer by performing without a puppet.

Later in the season, Muñoz returned to the stage with Joselito by her side. Although the singer initially auditioned without the puppet, fans of the series loved her act. Muñoz performed exceptionally well with the puppet, her acts featured her speaking as both Joselito and herself in Spanish.


One possible reason she did not use Joselito on AGT might be because she had not quite worked out how to deliver the puppet’s dialogue in English. Muñoz might still be perfecting the puppet act in English at the moment.

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auggie ogg
auggie ogg
1 year ago

wow why she did not win agt ??? sad statement about our country , she was amazing !!!!1

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