The Best Dance Acts Ever on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Jill O'Rourke
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Kenichi Ebina on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

America’s Got Talent has featured many talented dance acts over the years, although only one of them has won the show. Some dancers combined their talent with acrobatics, projections, and lights. Others ore elaborate costumes or performed on dramatic sets. Let’s take a look at the best of the best.

The Best Dance Acts on ‘America’s Got Talent’

1. Kenichi Ebina

This Japanese dancer competed on Season 8 of AGT. He auditioned with a routine inspired by The Matrix, in which he moved his body like a machine and even seemed to make his own head fall off. The audience went wild for Kenichi’s seemingly impossible moves, and he ended up winning the entire competition. He later returned to compete in AGT: The Champions.

2. V.Unbeatable

This acrobatic dance group from India stunned the judges in Season 14 with their gravity-defying moves. They earned a Golden Buzzer from guest judge Dwyane Wade in the Judge Cuts, and they ended up making it to the Finals, although they didn’t win. V.Unbeatable later returned for the second season of AGT: The Champions, where they were named the winners.

3. Light Balance

In Season 12, this light-up dance crew from Ukraine showed America a new kind of performance. The dancers wore light-up costumes and created colorful stories on stage with each performance. They finished the competition in third place and later returned for AGT: The Champions. A younger version of the group, called Light Balance Kids, made it to the Finals of Season 14.

4. Zurcaroh

This acrobatic dance group, originally founded in Brazil, competed in Season 13 of AGT, earning the Golden Buzzer from host Tyra Banks. They showed off some dramatic and awe-inspiring routines throughout the competition, featuring themed costumes and sets. The group ended up finishing the season in second place.

5. Diavolo

This dance group, led by Jacques Heim, competed on Season 12 of the show. Their graceful audition routine had the judges and audience gasping, as the dancers performed on a large rocking structure. They used similar props, including stairs and wheels, in future performances, taking them all the way to the Finals.

6. Freckled Sky

This video projection dance act competed in Season 10 of AGT. It was founded by Val Syganevich and featured dancers Jalen Preston and Olga Sokolova. In their audition, they performed against projected elements to create a story. Freckled Sky made it to the Quarterfinals, and the act returned in AGT: The Champions with two new dancers.

7. W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew

This dance group (whose name stands for We Are Family For Life Entertainment) competed in Season 15 of the show, earning a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell in their audition. Later in the competition, they actually performed on a subway set, interacting with the environment. The group made it to the Semifinals.

8. Chapkidz

This group of young dancers between the ages of 12 and 18 was a younger version of Season 10’s Chapkis Dance Family. They competed in Season 16 of the show, wowing the judges with the synchronized moves in their audition. The group gave it their all as the season went on, making it to the Semifinals.

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