Zhavia on Working With Zayn and New Music Since ‘The Four’

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Zhavia recently did an interview with PopCrush talking about her new music and collaboration with Zayn. The former contestant on The Four opened up about her love of Disney, her musical inspirations, and her debut EP.

Since making it to the Finale on The Four season one and getting a record deal with Columbia Records, Zhavia has found massive success. She was a fan favorite from episode one, so it’s not surprising!

Zhavia and Her Love of Disney

Zhavia has released a handful of singles since then and recently collaborated with Zayn on a duet of “A Whole New World” for the Aladdin soundtrack. In the interview, she talked about how she reacted when she found out about it:

“I was very excited and I couldn’t believe that Zayn picked me to sing with him. I have been a fan of his. He’s an amazing artist…it was an amazing experience.”

She was then asked if she grew up watching Disney films:

“I did…I always loved them because the music was always so whimsical and really brought the movies to another level. My favorite Disney movie is probably Alice in Wonderland.”

Zhavia’s Musical Inspiration

When asked if any albums or artists had a big influence on her EP, Zhavia said:

“There weren’t any specific artists that influenced the EP. I think it was more influenced by what I was feeling. I didn’t know what songs I was going to create until I created them; they weren’t planned out.”

But the interviewer went on to ask if any other artists have been especially memorable or impactful to her and she responded:

“Post Malone. Also Teena Marie is lit. Her vocals and her tone are very unique and I haven’t heard anyone like her. She’s definitely an inspiration.”

Her EP, “17”

Zhavia was asked if there were any challenges she faced while working on her EP. She said:

“I did face a lyrical challenge when working on ’17’ because I wanted to tell my story but I didn’t want to do it in a way where it would come across as cheesy or over-telling. I wanted to make it inspiring and have something my fans can relate to if they’re going through something similar.”

She was asked next what she hopes people will take away from listening to her EP.

“I hope people can take away that I just want to be a positive influence to my fans and to give them something to relate to, be inspired by, and to get them through whatever they’re going through.”

Zhavia on The Four

When asked about what advice she’d give artists interested in auditioning for shows like The Four, Zhavia had some wise words:

“The advice that I would give them is to make sure they are very sure of who they are as a person and what they want. People in the industry will try to tell you what you need and who you are. Always have that clear vision so you won’t get lost!”


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