‘The Four’s Zhavia Signs Multimillion Dollar Deal With Sony’s Columbia Records



Without a doubt the standout star of the last season of Fox’s singing competition show The Four: Battle for Stardom was Zhavia. Ironically, it wasn’t Evvie McKinney who actually won the show. We knew though that Zhavia’s star was on the rise and that someone else was going to snatch her up. That someone is Sony’s Columbia Records and she stands to make millions.

The young singer has signed a multi-album deal with Columbia that is going to make her a fortune. She’s getting a 750k advance on the first album with 18% royalties promised. If the album does as well as it probably will she gets another 750k for album two. Then it just keeps going up by 100k per album for 3 and 4 plus a greater share of the royalties. Depending on how the albums do, Zhavia stands to make millions.

Also we get to hear what her original songs sound like and not just covers like she sang on the show. That’s going to make all the difference. Sure, people like Zhavia and she’s a terrific performer, but her songs also have to be good. I’m pretty sure Zhavia is going to surprise us all. There is no stopping the Zhavia train.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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