‘The Four’ Finale: The Finalists And Song Choice

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Simon Cowell has said repeatedly in the past that one of the things that makes or breaks a performance is song choice. If you pick a song that doesn’t show off your vocal abilities, isn’t good, or the judge’s hate and you are likely not going to do well. Even if you are really talented, pick the wrong song and you could see yourself losing. Here are the songs that the contestants are going to sing to start off with tonight on The Four finale. They are…interesting choices.

The first one is Zhavia who picked the Drake song One Dance. While this is a great song, I’m not sure that it shows off Zhavia’s singing ability. I’m afraid she might have shot herself in the foot with bad song choice compared to some of these other picks. Take, for example, Evvie McKinney who is singing Proud Mary by Tina Turner. There is no way that Evvie isn’t going to kill that. I’m not saying Zhavia can’t pull it out, God knows she’s been down and comeback, but Proud Mary is so perfect for Evvie.

Another great choice is Candice Boyd doing Don’t Speak by No Doubt. This is a great choice for her voice and I can see her doing a passionate, soulful version of Gwen Stefani’s song of heartbreak. Then you have Vincint Cannady who will sing Radiohead’s Creep. Radiohead is my favorite band of all time and I can see him doing a pained, heart-wrenching version of it that will bring tears to our collective eyes.

What I’m saying is that it’s anybody’s game. We know that our readers are sure Zhavia is going to win…all I’m saying is that she may win but it isn’t going to be easy.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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