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Zendaya Wishes to Play a Villain in the Future, Hopes to Direct a Film

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Euphoria star Zendaya is looking forward to portraying a villain character in the future. The Challengers actress also shared her other dreams within and outside the entertainment industry.

Zendaya Wants to Play a Villain Someday

Sitting down for an Elle interview, Zendaya accepted the challenge of answering all the questions that the fashion magazine prepared. One of the queries involved the type of role that she would like to play someday.

“I would love to play a villain of sorts,” she answered. “Tap into the evil, supervillain vibes. Whatever that manifests in, I don’t think necessarily in a superhero sense, I just mean in like an emotional sense.”

Over the years, Zendaya has proven her incredible acting prowess. At 14, she starred as Rocky Blue in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. In 2017, she made her acting debut in the Marvel Universe as MJ on Spider-Man. Two years later, she snatched her first Emmy nomination with her impressive performance as Rue in Euphoria.

“I feel like I usually play the good guy, so I’d like to play the bad guy,” she said.

When asked what she would do if she wasn’t an actress, Zendaya gave two answers.

“I think within the industry, I would be a director, which is something I hope to do one day,” she said. “And I think outside, I feel like I would have probably followed in the footsteps of my parents and become a teacher. I love kids, I love learning and I love teaching.”

Zendaya further stressed her director dreams when she answered the question about her bucket list. According to the singer, she would love to direct “more than one” film one day.

She Says She’s ‘The Most Proud’ of Herself

Elsewhere in the interview, Zendaya shared her thoughts regarding the significance of recognizing one’s hard work. That said, the Dune star stated that the person she’s most proud of at present is herself.

“I am proud of myself, in general,” she said. “I think it’s important and it’s not a bad thing to pat yourself on the back and say, ‘You know what, you did a good job.'”

Zendaya continued and stated that doing so is “not always an easy thing to do.” She then admitted that even she, sometimes, struggle with it. However, she believes that letting go of one’s critical persona at times is needed.

Furthermore, Zendaya talked about the industry advice she always reminds herself of. According to the actress, she’s learned the ropes of the show business over time.

“You can get taken advantage of,” she said. “So I try my best, especially in business, to be involved in the boring conversations and listen to it, and try to absorb as much as I can so I can really know what’s going on.”

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