Would You Steal Somebody’s Audition To Get On A Show? This Girl Just Did!

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The X Factor judges have sat through hundreds of hour’s worth of auditions in the history of the show. With all of the dreamers and talented vocalists out there, that’s still not enough time to give everyone a chance to audition on that “x.” For most that don’t get the chance, it’s a “try again next season.” But for Kirsty Murphy, it was no guts, no glory. She made sure she had her audition, even if it meant interrupting someone else’s shot.

Kirsty Murphy made certain the judges had time for audition

Sorry, But She Is Not Not Sorry

As the final day of auditions in Manchester drew to a close, a room full of patient hopefuls learned they were not going to have their chance. After hours of waiting in holding, the best producers offered was trying to get them on the next stop of the audition tour. That didn’t sound like a good deal, so Murphy found another solution. She snuck into the audition room, weaseling past security and crew, and interrupted another audition in progress. 


Murphy darted straight to the judge’s table as Reminition was introducing themselves for their group audition. Murphy is overwhelmed with emotion as she begs for a chance to audition. Confusion takes over when Simon shockingly gives her the floor. After Reminition is ushered off unsure of their X-Factor fate, Murphy starts with her rendition of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.” Her audition showed promise despite several problems with pitch, noted by Sharon Osbourne as she gave a no vote. The other judges saw promise in her vocals and commended her boldness which gave her the 3 yeses to advance. Murphy did not advance beyond this however.


Is it X-Fact or Fiction?

Murphy’s daring play really didn’t go over too well, especially with the fans. It was unbelievable to witness someone brazenly “steal” an audition from another act. So unbelievable, the public speculated it was all scripted and made irate at the show’s attempt to stir up drama. 

While they assured the public it was not scripted, the jury’s not swayed. The major argument being that Murphy was already mic’d up as she rushed the audition. Let’s also consider Simon has had no problem having security remove acts from an audition before. There’s also the mystery of Reminition, who we are told did still audition but they did not advance and never made it on air. We might not know for sure if it was scripted, but one takeaway is if you want something, sometimes you just gotta take it. 


Matthew Honda
Matthew Honda

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