WATCH Shy Singer Transform Into A Total Rockstar With ‘Aladdin’ Song On ‘The Voice Kids’

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Young singer Emma had the epitome of a Blind Audition on The Voice Kids when she sang while standing behind a curtain. She did a slowed-down version of “A Whole New World” from the Disney movie Aladdin that took the whole competition by storm. Check out her unforgettable audition below on season six of the German version of the show.

Emma Sang ‘Aladdin’ Hit For Blind Audition On ‘The Voice Kids’

Obviously, on regular seasons of The Voice, Blind Auditions feature a contestant singing and the coaches get to see who the contestant is once they turn around. This time it was a little bit different because Emma stood behind a red curtain. On The Voice Kids, contestants are given the option to sing behind a curtain if they are shy. Everybody wanted to know who was behind the angelic voice singing one of the most popular Disney songs of all time.


Coaches Nena & Larissa Kerner were the first to turn their chairs. They eagerly awaited to see who was behind the curtain singing like a pro. Mark Forester also turned his chair and tried squinting to see who was behind the curtain. Finally, it was time for Emma to reveal herself. When she emerged from behind the curtain, the coaches greeted her with hugs.

The 14-year-old had the coaches so impressed with her singing that they requested for her to sing the song once more. It was a battle between the coaches to try and get Emma on their teams. They complimented the emotion that she put into the song. Ultimately, she ended up choosing to be on Nena & Larissa’s Team.

She Performed ‘A Whole New World’ Once Again During The Sing-Offs

Emma ditched her glasses in the next round of the competition where she performed in a trio with two other contestants from her team. She also performed “A Whole New World” for a second time during the Sing-Offs round. Nena & Larissa had to choose which two artists from their team they wanted to take with them to the finale. While Emma did not make the cut, she definitely made a mark on the competition singing the iconic Disney song.

Emma’s audition on The Voice Kids now has over 12.6 million views on YouTube with people in the comments praising her for her unique tone. Though several people in the comments have asked for Emma’s social media handles, she is definitely not an easy person to find on social media, especially since The Voice Kids does not feature all of the contestant’s last names. We can imagine though that she is continuing to pursue music especially after going viral for her Aladdin cover.

If you loved Emma’s take on the very popular Disney song, make sure you check out the compilation below. It features 10 kids that have sang Disney songs on talent competition shows. Trust us this video is equally adorable as it is impressive.


What did you think of Emma’s take on this Disney song for her audition for The Voice Kids?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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