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Who Should Take Over as New Host/Hosts of ‘Dancing With The Stars?’

Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough on 'Dancing With The Stars' Most Memorable Year NightPhoto by: Disney/Christopher Willard

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Dancing With The Stars has been a wildly popular staple of American television for more than 30 seasons. Currently hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough, the show combines glamorous costumes, captivating musical performances, and of course, thrilling dance competitions between celebrities paired with professional partners.

Who Will Replace Alfonso Ribeiro, Julianne Hough?

Dancing With The Stars used to be a series that had a long-time host, Tom Bergeron. Since Bergeron’s forced departure in 2020, the show has brought in a few replacements. First, ABC hired Tyra Banks as the sole host of the series. Then, in 2022 the series brought on Alfonso Ribeiro as Banks’ co host. Now, in 2023, Ribeiro is co-hosts with pro dancer turned judge Julianne Hough.

Even though Hough and Ribeiro have changed up the show for the better, it’s tough to believe they’ll remain for almost 30 seasons, like Bergeron. As fans speculate who the next host to continue the legacy of DWTS, several contenders come to mind who could effortlessly take over hosting responsibilities. Although it’s too early to say that the show needs new hosts, that didn’t stop viewers from giving their own picks for the next hosts.

First, Joel McHale has the quick wit and likeability to lead the show. As the former host of The Soup, McHale has shown comedic timing and ability to think on his feet with unscripted banter. His good-natured sarcasm would allow him to poke fun at lackluster routines while boosting competitors giving their all.

For a female choice, past DWTS contestant Leah Remini has familiarity with the show’s process and pressures which could endear her to viewers. Outspoken yet thoughtful, her critiques would come from a place of experience.

Of course, easy audience favorites would be past contestants like Vanessa Lachey or even Jennifer Grey, the Dirty Dancing star who actually won season 11. Their firsthand understanding of learning intricate ballroom routines could make them more invested in the celebs’ journeys.

Other big names being thrown around include Nicole Byer of Nailed It! who brings plenty of bubbly enthusiasm. Or Karamo Brown of Queer Eye whose motivational talents could inspire nervous novices. There’s also Neil Patrick Harris, recommended for his combined acting, singing, and dancing chops.

What is The Ideal DWTS Host Like?

Really, the most important attribute will be displaying genuine exuberance and interest in both celebrities and their professional partners alike. The show’s original host, Tom Bergeron excelled at making each duo feel valued in their time on the floor. He celebrated their small victories as much as the Mirrorball trophy.

The right host must also recognize the courage it takes for novices to learn difficult routines out of their comfort zone. Viewers want someone invested in the experience who can heighten the emotions already on display.

Of course, it likely goes without saying that any successor should have some fluency in dialects of dance – ballroom, contemporary, hip hop, etc. While not imperative they have technical precision, they should show basic knowledge and appreciation for the craft. Bergeron himself was no professional, but he understood the intricacies competitors were managing from footwork to lift mechanics.

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2 months ago

Keep Julianne and Alfonso

1 month ago

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

2 months ago

It is perfect with Alfonso and Julianne.

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