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Who is The Dragon On ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Clues Decoded + The Mask Revealed

Dragon on 'The Masked Singer' UKITV/The Masked Singer UK

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The clues continue to stack up as we enter the finals of The Masked Singer UK season 2. We’ve seen all but three celebrities revealed thus far. Dragon was the first to be unmasked in the semi-final this week. We couldn’t have been happier with how we guessed. Check out how we understood the clues and find out who we predicted down below.

Dragon performs “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele before being unmasked

Clues For Dragon On The Masked Singer UK Season 2

Week 1

In Dragon’s first week round of clues, we find the rainbow-bellied Dragon on the grounds of a castle. The fire-breathing masquerader apologizes for being frightening, as the dramatic music switches to something more playful. They’re seen amongst a few dollhouses, as one of the walls fall down to reveal the interior. Inside we get a glimpse of a few mini-people and 4 separate stacks of cash. They seem to impersonate a character saying “[they’ll] try and conduct [themselves] better.” As Dragon, they say they are a “big character” although they might not usually be seen that way. Closing out the package they emphasize they “mustn’t drag on.” Before exiting the stage Dragon tells the judges “I might be cute but sometimes I have a fiery temper.”

Week 2

Dragon enters the second round of clues saying they’re undetermined if they’re “brave or silly.” Dragon admits they’ll “do anything for a dare,” adding it was a dare that started their career. Being on stage is a scary thing to Dragon, but they share they once met a boyfriend on stage. We can also spy a “1-hour” hourglass atop a rock in the scene.

The two lies and a truth we got from Dragon were:

  • “My name is my biggest clue”
  • “I once had an embarrassing incident with a famous shoe”
  • “I know my own IQ backwards”

Week 3

In week three, the song chosen to be performed by the masked stars serve as clues for us. The song chosen this week was “All By Myself” by Celine Dion. Dragon’s other clues seemed to mislead more than help us. First shown drawing a sword from a stone, Dragon says it was an “air of destiny” that brought them to the masked role. They added their “journey started and ended with a giant winged costume.” Dragon emphasizes this to be true and says they’re “no oathbreaker.” As we see them spar with a suit of armor, we can spot a pink iPod on the “knight.” We also learn that dragons have a motto, “have wings, will travel” and this Dragon has taken “perilous journeys.”

Week 4

Our gassy Dragon continues to cut the cheddar around the studio. This time admitting they “do love to gas.” A small feast is spread out on a table as we hear “Food, Glorious Food,” the opening song to Oliver! The Musical. Dragon lists strange foods they’ve eaten like “pig bums,” “duck tongues,” and “udders.” We learn they also have an appetite to learn and “can devour books.” The love for books is enforced when they add, “if I was ever stranded on a desert island, it’s probably a book I’d take with me.” Not much is seen in the surveillance footage except a podcast microphone.

Week 5

At the top of the package, Dragon tells us “I’ve gotten to spend my time putting smiles on people’s faces” through their career. They are shown being fussy in the make-up chair as they add they “get to connect with people all over the world.” Connecting with people is important to them, not even a language barrier would be something that would stop them. Simply put, they tell us all you have to do is break the ice, suggesting “just embarrass yourself” as a top tip. One of the last things they tell us is they’d “be the world’s biggest liar” if they said they weren’t nervous.

Best Guesses For TMS UK‘s Dragon

Judges were torn on even the gender of this masked singer. Guesses from the panel had included Sandi Toksvig, Miranda Hart, Jesse Ferguson, and Ru Paul. The internet buzz said names like Michelle Visage, Ru Paul, or maybe Courtney Act.

Our Prediction For TMS UK’s Dragon

As the clues started stacking up, it was looking more obvious to be Sue Perkins. Here’s how we came to correctly guess the comedian/presenter.

BBC Sue Perkins / Photo: Jamie Simonds/Bafta/Shutterstock

Week 1 Explained

The rainbow belly of Dragon seems to scream this person might be a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Throughout all their clue packages, there is an air of playfulness and humor. Perhaps this person is known to be funny or silly. The dollhouse reference is almost a smoking gun as we see it. Sue Perkins participated in Celebrity Big Brother where she was looking to win the purse for four charity organizations. Perkins also participated in the BBC Two reality series Maestro, in which celebrities learn to conduct orchestral and choral music. She not only won the series but also went on to conduct several other pieces following the success.

Week 2 Explained

It was misleading at first but Perkins has once shared a story from her past of boyfriend she once had. Where did they meet? On stage. The hourglass might likely be a hint to Perkin’s time on The Great British Bake Off. If our hunch is right, then Perkins would know her IQ backwards since she’s appeared on the BBC game show QI, a number of times.

BBC Sue Perkins and co-host Mel Giedroyc on The Great British Bake Off / Photo: MARK BOURDILLON

Week 3 Explained

Is it a stretch? We think the Excalibur-esque reference is pointing toward Perkins being a regular on Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show. The “oathbreaker” comment would make sense since Perkins once won a popular local competition, World’s Biggest Liar. Dragon’s iPod wielding suit of armor pal may be a double whammy clue. Perkins history on radio programming could explain the headphones. While we can trace the armor to her appearance on News Knight with Sir Trevor McDonald. We also know Perkins to have been featured on numerous travel adventure programs sending her on “perilous journeys.”

Week 4 Explained

It’s been weeks of our gassy Dragon blowing more than just fire. The continued reference to flatulence fits Perkins who’s known for enjoying a little “fart” humor. Featuring “Food, Glorious Food” leads judges to think of the musical. We are thinking it just ties the masked singer to food. Perkins has presented several food shows. Between that and her travel adventure shows through Asia, we can guess she’s had some unique delicacies. Judges thought the devouring book reference was about a cookbook. Well, Perkins recently was featured in a celebrity cookbook helping Sobell House Hospice to raise awareness. She was a guest on Desert Island Discs, a radio program where guests are asked to pick a luxury item, a book, and a few songs they’d take if they were to be stranded. The surveillance reveals a connection to radio or podcasts and Perkins is well known for both.

Week 5 Explained

A career filled with smiling faces, Perkins comedy and witty hosting duties have provided many. The comments about connecting with people even through language barriers are more proof we are talking about Perkins’ travel shows which find her traveling through Asia. In her Desert Island Discs interview, she shared a story of sitting in a pile of poo in order to break the ice with a group of Cambodian women she struggled to communicate with. Our hunch from week three was cemented as fact when Dragon states they’d be “the world’s biggest liar,” the exact name of the competition Perkins won.

Did We Decode The Clues?

We’re excited for another spot on guess. The clues were pretty strong so it felt like an easier one. Are there clues we missed that you figured out? Let us know what you thought of Dragon’s reign in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us into the finals and you can watch The Masked Singer UK Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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