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Who are the ‘Exposure’ Contestants? Meet the Photographers

The contestants and judges of Exposure on HuluHulu

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The new Hulu original and Samsung’s most expensive ad campaign, Exposure is only two episodes in and the photographers have already produced some incredible images. We’ve gotten to watch how they create but haven’t learned much about the contestants themselves. Here’s a quick introduction to the seven remaining up-and-coming photographers on this exciting new competition highlighting the world of photography and camera phones. 

Contestants Shooting Their Shot This Season on Exposure

1) Parker

Parker Day is based out of Los Angeles, but grew up in San Jose, California. She is a portrait photographer whose work focuses on themes of “expression and perception of identity.” Her wildly imaginative photography doubles as fashion with her own brand, Pure Void, utilizing some of her works into prints and patterns. 

Parker’s photography is like scenes taken from a beautiful nightmare | Credit: Instagram @heyparkerday

Unlike her competitors who also shoot portraits, the 36-year-old’s unique style may have an edge when it comes to being visually striking. Not only do they have eye-catching vivid colors, but she also uses costumes and make-up in such ways to create equally eye-catching subjects. Oh, did we forget to mention she achieves most of this on 35mm film with almost no post edit work?

Her work in this competition so far has seen ups and downs. With some mixed messages from the judges, trying to find her balance between her style and the competition hasn’t been easy. Can the 35mm photographer win the camera phone games?

2) Jose 

Jose Ocasio is a freelance photographer that found his roots in street photography. He has been shooting for a little over seven years under his popular Instagram handle @lastsuspect. Currently, he has a following of 200k hitting their like buttons for his photos.

Jose’s street photography not only is visually stunning, at times it’s down right dangerous | Credit: Instagram @lastsuspect

The 35-year-old New Jersey native has lived in New York for most of his adult life. His love for the city and background in skateboarding gives his photographs a unique perspective and approach to his craft. Typically bringing out stronger shadows to bring beautiful images that “dark” New York vibe. 

He found himself in jeopardy of elimination last week when he thought it a good idea to only take 2 photos in the portfolio challenge. In a shocking decision, the judges spared him from elimination and viewers weren’t too happy about that. One person on Twitter wrote “Hold up, hold up! This man took two photos and he gets to stay?!”

Will the judges see him as arrogant or will his attitude be the right level of self-confidence needed to win $250k?

3) Krys

Krys Fox is a New York-based photographer that was raised in Southern California. His family moved a lot, which motivated him to document all of the changing places and faces. What started as candid polaroid and disposable camera photography, has grown into a successful career in the photography world. 

Krys’s work is uniquely expressive and meticulously thought out | Credit: Instagram @krysfoxphotography

He is the most experienced photographer in the competition, with 23 years of experience in the industry. The 42-year-old is known for portrait photography, often with a sense of surrealism. His creativity and how he expresses emotion in each still image are captivating.

Despite a near-elimination experience in week one, Krys’ images mostly have impressed the judges. Was it the jitters getting the best of him or will the extra years of experience play in his favor?

4) Michele

Michele Eyenga is a New York-based photographer, and like New York, it appears she never sleeps. Along with being a photographer, she is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Resiliency Magazine. Also offers brands creative consultations with the help of her creative collective, Melanebony. All as she is pursuing her master’s degree. 

Michele has a focus on empowering African-American’s in the creative world and her photography also drives that message | Credit: Instagram @melanebony

She is the youngest competitor in the contest at just 23 years of age. Her eye for portraiture is impeccable and yet she’s only scratching the surface of her potential. With much to prove to her family that photography can lead to a lucrative future, winning this contest might mean more to her than the other competitors. 

Michele has struggled a bit in the competition so far. Judges feel some parts of her images feel incomplete or not thought out. Will her lack of experience be a hindrance or a motivator in this competition?

5) Tommy

Tommy Lundberg is a multi-talented creative who is now based in Los Angeles. While he has dedicated full-time to his photography now, he once had a career as an illustrator. While working his graphic design job he realized while he loved to illustrate, doing it on the clock made it less enjoyable off the clock. Looking for a new medium for expression, he found photography. 

Tommy’s background as an illustrator helps him see the world in a different way | Credit: Instagram @tommylundberg

His introduction into photography started with just a camera phone and now he’s a full-fledged photographer. You can find this 30-year-old’s photos are not confined to a single style, but he does stick to 3 P’s, people, places, and perspective. 

Since the competition started, Tommy’s work has impressed the judges in one way or another, in every challenge. He started his photographer journey on a camera phone, so certainly that must be an advantage in such a competition. 

6) Anna

Anna Hartvigson is from Erie, Pennsylvania, and is your quintessential “momtographer.” In true momtog fashion, she got started in photography simply capturing candid moments of her family with her phone. Then she was struck by the shutterbug, stepped up to a real camera, and unlocked a whole new world. 

Anna’s photography started with a love for her family, now her images are on a new level | Credit: Instagram @annamargaretphotos

Anna describes herself as a photojournalistic and portrait photographer with a passion for story-telling. The 34-year-old mother of five is not without any professional background though. She is a writer for the photography publication, Click Magazine and has received much recognition including being selected as a 2018 Voice Collection finalist

Her photography is stunning with her use of lights and shadows to heighten the mood. Judges agree and her name is another one that seems to be in the top positions every challenge. Could this momtographer’s pursuit for capturing precious moments turn into a six-figure payout?

7) Marilyn

Marilyn Hue is a photographer, creative director, and designer. She’s a California native that currently resides in Los Angeles. Along with being the lead creative to Grammy-winning DJ, Skrillex, she is a co-founder of the creative consulting agency, OK Cool Studios.

Marilyn’s creativity is limitless and her photography is just a glimpse | Credit: Instagram @marilynhue

Her photography is best known to be more editorial and portrait in style. The 30-year-old has made quite a name for herself in the world on Instagram. The most popular of all the competitors with over 270k followers, Marilyn has shot with some of today’s most popular streetwear brands and Instagram models. 

If it was a popularity contest, she’d definitely win. Since it’s a creative photo competition, she’s still pretty likely to win. She has impressed the judges (and fans) since the start with one tweeting “first episode of #ExposureOnHulu was dope!! @marilynhue killed it!!!”

Marilyn won first place in her first-ever photo contest back in high school. Could she win the first-ever season of ‘Exposure’?

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