‘Survivor’ Recap: Players Rally To Send Home BIGGEST Threat — Were They Successful?

Samantha Agate
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Tonight’s episode of Survivor was definitely full of drama. It was so hard to tell who was going to get voted out right up until the very last second. Keep reading to find out about the most chaotic tribal council yet and the grueling challenge that the eliminated players had to endure on the Edge of Extinction. Plus, learn who the biggest threat in the game is.

Arguments At Camp Make People Huge Threats

Sarah Lacina and Tony Vlachos have a heated argument at camp after last week’s tribal council. Sarah is upset that she was blindsided by Tony who orchestrated Sophie Clarke being voted out. Tony reveals to Ben Driebergen and Sarah that he has a hidden immunity idol but they do not want to trust him. Ben reveals that he is upset that Jeremy is still in the competition. Ben thinks that he can’t beat Jeremy at the end. Tony climbs a tree so he can eavesdrop on other people’s conversation. Meanwhile, Kim tells everyone that she wants to vote out Tony. She is very clearly willing to take risks and try her best to gain some leverage in the competition. Tony really is the biggest threat left in the game so getting him out would be a smart move.

Over on the Edge of Extinction, the eliminated players get the chance to earn more fire tokens. They have to bring 20 coconuts from one side of the island all the way to the other. The first six people to finish get two fire tokens each. Natalie Anderson and Sophie go head to head and are right on each other’s tails. They both finish along with Tyson Apostol, Yul Kwon and Parvarti Shallow. Wendell Holland is the last person to retrieve all the coconuts. Adam Klein and Ethan Zohn really struggled through this challenge. But it would not be Survivor without difficult challenges that make you push yourself.


One ‘Survivor’ Shockingly Finds A Hidden Immunity Idol

Back at camp, Nick is trying to make a big move and wants to get rid of Tony, Sarah or Jeremy. With so much speculation around camp, everyone is paranoid. All of the players go searching for a hidden immunity idol. Ben stumbles upon the hidden immunity idol but tries to hide it from Tony. Tony realizes that Ben has it and is a little bit hurt that he tried to hide it. But maybe Ben was trying to hide this from Tony because he is a major threat.

For the immunity challenge, the players have to stand on a narrow perch with a bucket of water over their heads. They will have to hold a rope attached to the bucket of water for as long as they can. If the bucket of water falls, they’re out. The last guy and girl standing both win individual immunity. They first did this challenge back in season three and it lasted six hours. In the end, it’s Nick Wilson and Tony left standing for the guys and Denise Stapley, Kim Spradlin and  Michele Fitzgerald for the girls. Jeff Probst offers the players food if they want to step down and forfeit the ability to win the challenge.

Everyone steps down to eat cookies and peanut butter besides Tony and Denise. They are the winners of the challenge by default. It was actually pretty hilarious when they both realized they had won the challenge. Welcome to Survivor, where cookies and peanut butter are super powerful.

Absolute Chaos Ensues At Tribal Council Yet Again

With Tony winning immunity, he is no longer the target because he cannot be voted out. The players then agree to vote out Jeremy Collins….until Ben tells Tony that he was the original target. This turns camp into a frenzy. People keep throwing Kim and Jeremy’s names around. Michele gives Jeremy her 50/50 coin advantage. If he flips the coin and it lands on “safe” he cannot be voted out at tribal council.

For a solid five minutes, the players keep whispering to each other during tribal council. Jeff gets fed up with the whispering. Denise also gets annoyed. It seems like everyone is confused and nobody knows who is going home. Jeremy does not play his 50/50 coin. Tony wants to play his hidden immunity idol for Sarah but she insists that she doesn’t need it. The votes are split between Jeremy and Kim. But the person voted out is…..Kim. It is honestly pretty fun to see that there are no clear alliances this season. Everyone just wants to be on the right side of the vote.

What Will Happen Next Week?

Kim yielded her fire tokens to Michele, Denise and Sarah and now heads to the Edge of Extinction. In the preview for next week’s episode, it seems like Ben will be the new target. This will be interesting to see how it plays out since Ben now has an idol and is, therefore, a threat. The next episode will be two hours so there are surely some crazy moments still to come.

It is totally crazy how Jeremy keeps escaping being voted out. Naturally, he is someone that a lot of people root for and always has a plan when his back is up against the wall. Jeremy has a really great shot at winning the game of Survivor for the second time if he can just lay low.


Were you surprised to see that Jeremy turned on Kim and was willing to vote her out? Tune in to Survivor next week to see if the players can finally get rid of major threat Tony.

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