‘Survivor’ Recap: HUGE Rivalry Between Power Players Finally Comes To An End

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Tonight’s two-hour episode of Survivor saw this season’s biggest rivalry come to an end. Not one, but two people were voted out of the game and we even got to see the 50/50 coin advantage used at tribal council. Keep reading to find out what happened during this explosive episode and what happened on The Edge of Extinction.

A Surprising Immunity Challenge Victory Heightens Rivalry Between Jeremy & Ben

Michele Fitzgerald wants to play a more aggressive game. Jeremy Collins gives Michele the 50/50 coin back that she gave to him last week. Sarah Lacina and Tony Vlachos want to keep Jeremy around in the game to use him as a shield. They want to vote Nick Wilson out at the next tribal council. For the immunity challenge, the players must toss two balls over a beam and catch them on the other side. They need to dig in the sand so they can fit underneath an obstacle. After that, they have to solve a slide puzzle. The dreaded slide puzzle is always a huge challenge for people in the game of Survivor. Nick, the puzzle master wins immunity and two fire tokens. The person that the tribe wants to vote out always wins immunity. But good for him!! 

Jeremy proposes voting out Ben Driebergen. Ben learns of this plan and wants to finally take out his number one enemy Jeremy. This rivalry has been going back and forth all season. The tribe decides that they should split the votes between Ben and Jeremy. Who will win this showdown? Nick knows that his vote is the one that will ultimately break the tie.


The First Tribal Council Was Rather Calm Despite The Rivalry

In the end, Michele decided to use her 50/50 coin and it landed on safe. Any votes cast for Michele did not count. The rest of the votes were split between Ben and Jeremy, the rivals. In the end, it was Jeremy that was voted out of the game. He gave his two fire tokens to Michele before he went to the Edge of Extinction. Is anyone going to miss the drama of this rivalry?

Voting out Jeremy made Michele extremely angry back at camp. She begins trying to turn the other players against each other but they can all see right through her. Over on the Edge of Extinction, the players receive a clue about a stone. Wendell Holland, Natalie Anderson, Rob Mariano, and Danni Boatwright all battled each other to find the advantage. Natalie gets to it first. It was the power to place a disadvantage on one player during the immunity challenge. They can give it to one player in the game to use for a price. Natalie gives the advantage to Nick and asks for eight fire tokens in return. Nick has six fire tokens already. Michele gives Nick the two other tokens he needs.

Nick Strategizes With Michele To Give Someone The Disadvantage

Nick has to choose someone to give the disadvantage to. He consulted with Michele and the two decided to give it to Ben. For the second immunity challenge, the players must balance blocks on a narrow beam. After they stack all the blocks, they need to knock them down and hit a target. During the immunity challenge, Ben’s disadvantage will give him a larger beam so it will be more difficult for him to balance more blocks. They must walk through an obstacle course for each block that they place. You would think that the disadvantage would make Ben more winded and tired but he was in the lead for a majority of the challenge. But, in the end, Nick’s advantage turned out to be beneficial…for Michele! Michele won immunity and cannot be voted out.

Back at camp, Sarah and Tony could not decide if they want to vote out Denise Stapley or Nick. Denise feels like she cannot beat Tony at the end. Tony just so happened to be spying on this conversation and hears everything Denise says. Sarah says that this tribal council will be the most important one yet.

The Second Tribal Council Was Predictable

Denise says at tribal council that she does not want to stress and scramble anymore. She makes it seem like she is more than ok with getting voted out of the game. This is totally a tactic on part of Denise. It’s like reverse psychology. She obviously wants to stay in the game but is making it like she is defeated. Everyone knows that Denise is faking wanting to be voted out. The votes are split between Denise and Nick but in the end, Nick is voted out of the game. Nick was really proving himself and becoming a force to be reckoned with. He will not be struggling over on the Edge of Extinction for long though. Jeff Probst revealed that one of the players on the Edge of Extinction will be returning to the game. Nick still has a shot and will join the other eliminated players in one final challenge.

The players over on the Edge of Extinction are able to use the fire tokens they have earned to buy some advantages in the game. Natalie lucks out and gets two immunity idols and a jar of peanut butter. Having these items in the game of Survivor basically means that you are rich. She gives one of her idols to Tyson Apostol as an act of kindness.


We will see which player returns to the game from the Edge of Extinction during next week’s three hour finale episode. Who do you think will become the ultimate winner of Survivor?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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