What Would Happen if 2001 Blake Shelton Battled 2021 Blake?

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Blake Shelton is known for being the ultimate jokester on The Voice. Now, the country star is taking over TikTok with his humor and posing a very important question: What would happen if his 2001 self battled his 2021 self?


The most important battle of them all… who y’all got? – Team BS #fyp #countrymusic #2018vs2021

♬ MotorSport – Migos & Nicki Minaj & Cardi B

How Does Blake Shelton’s Past Compare to His Present?

The TikTok video asks “What if 2001 Blake battled 2021 Blake?” as “MotorSport” by Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B plays in the background. First of all, the person in charge of Shelton’s TikTok account deserves a raise. This question is followed by a picture of Shelton from 2001 and a picture of Shelton now.

In 2001, he sported a mullet and a cowboy hat, a look very different from the “God’s Country” singer that we know today. His past mullet hairstyle is a total power move that is coming back into style. Caleb Kennedy is sporting one on this season of American Idol and Kenzie Wheeler has brought the mullet back on The Voice.

Now, Shelton is the king of The Voice and even has the crown to prove it. He has won the show seven times with quite a few successful artists and is engaged to Gwen Stefani. She is actually the only person that he is following on TikTok, that’s how you know it’s seriously true love between them. Needless to say, Shelton is pretty much winning in all aspects of life.

Shelton in 2021 has been thriving with new music. His upcoming album Body Language will be released on May 21st. He also just reflected on his song “Austin” 20 years after it first debuted. The 2001 version of himself probably never expected how much his career would take off shortly after.

Fans Weigh in to Give their Opinions About Shelton’s Question

Shelton posted a poll on his Instagram story to ask his 4.3 million followers about which version of him would win in a battle. The fans have spoken and 61% have said that they think 2021 Shelton would win the battle.

However, the TikTok crowd has opposite feelings because a majority of the comments say that 2001 Shelton would win in a battle. As mentioned above, the mullet has clearly not lost its appeal.

“Don’t ever mess with a mullet” one fan said.

Other’s were impartial because they have loved Shelton throughout his entire career.

“I’m taking both lol it’s like having the son and the dad!” another fan joked.

Which version of Shelton do you think would win in a battle?



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