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What is ‘AGT’ Golden Buzzer Recipient Roberta Battaglia Up to Now?

Roberta Battaglia on America's Got Talent, Roberta Battaglia via FacebookAmerica's Got Talent/NBC, Roberta Battaglia via Facebook

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With her impeccable voice and moving singing style, Roberta Battaglia is definitely the next big thing. Since her impressive run on America’s Got Talent, Battaglia’s music career has been quite successful, given her age.

As she continues to chase a spot in the vocal field, we are keeping an eye on her. With that, let’s take a look back at what Battaglia was then and what she is up to at the moment.

Roberta Battaglia Sealed Sofia Vergara’s First Ever Golden Buzzer

Battaglia first graced the series back in season 15, as a ten-year-old kid whose dream is to step on the AGT stage. The moment she’s given a chance to fascinate, she didn’t leave any opportunity to waste. She them sang Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow,” effortlessly capturing the hearts of both the judges and audiences.

Consequently, judge Sofia Vergara pressed her Golden Buzzer to send her directly to the Quarterfinals. Battaglia’s audition performance, nonetheless, didn’t stop at one episode of AGT. Her rendition of the 2018 hit reached over two million views in only two weeks. Worldwide, it has garnered more than 90 million views online.

Later, Battaglia went all the way to the Finale of the competition, finishing as fourth place. Yet, while she didn’t end up as the winner, she’s arguably become one of the most memorable contestants of the series.

For those who may not know, the Toronto native began singing when she was three, alongside her father Alessandro. As she is fluent in both English and Italian, she’s mastered her vocal abilities in both languages, from ballads and top-40 hits to high-octane pop. Numerous people consider Battaglia as an old soul and musical genius, one who utilizes her talents for the greater good.


What is She Up to Now?

After America’s Got Talent 2020, Battaglia took part in Ross Petty’s 2020 holiday production There’s No Place Like Home…for the Holidays. This took place during the time of the pandemic, hence recorded virtually.

Meanwhile, in terms of appearance, the singer has visibly matured in features. Additionally, her fashion style has been more defined. She nevertheless didn’t lose her innocent look, though.

Now, Battaglia is pursuing acting as well as music. Last year, she became a part of the mystery television series “Three Pines.” In November 2022, the AGT standout released a single titled “Truce.” By the name of the song itself, this release calls for fighting to end, for a platonic or romantic relationship. Battaglia has managed to explore and touch a variety of situations, packing them all in a melancholic yet liberating creative music.

“Truce” has absolutely given people a glimpse of what more Battaglia can do as a young artist. Once she skyrockets to fame, no one will be surprised. Ever since AGT, it’s been clear that stardom is meant for her.

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