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Anica Revisits ‘AGT’ Past, Inspiration for ‘CGT’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Lindsay Ell and ANICA on 'Canada's Got Talent'Citytv/Canada's Got Talent

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Canada’s Got Talent is officially in full force on CityTV, and America’s Got Talent fans noticed a very familiar face, ANICA. If you haven’t seen it yet, the rock ‘n roll singer recently auditioned for the series, and earned the host’s Golden Buzzer.

For those who may not remember, Anica first appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2021 singing “Piece Of My Heart” by Janis Joplin. She competed until she was eliminated in the live Quarterfinals. Although some may have been upset to be eliminated so soon, Anica was just happy to be involved. Since her passions lie in musical connection and connecting with people, she plans to incorporate both of those things into her journey on CGT.

Why Canada’s Got Talent is so Special

With a story about inner confidence and a passion for music, realtor turned singer Anica returned to the Got Talent stage for CGT 2023. Since the singer is originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, she joked that “it really seems like I had to almost go all around the world to come back to Canada.”

In her CGT audition, Anica got candid about her childhood, which isn’t always easy for abuse survivors. The singer chose to talk about “what happened to me as child, as a message of solidarity with all abuse survivors, and victims, current and past.”

“It sort of never leaves you, so sometimes you think nobody really understands, but an actual fact, a lot of people understand and a lot of people are very successful and have been through crappy childhoods,” Anica said.

The singer later explained that she had to connect with herself spiritually and emotionally to be able to share her story. She believes that part of her healing journey is acceptance of life.

“That’s why I came out with it… I’ve had intimate conversations with a lot of people over the years about their struggles with abuse or addiction,” she said. “I’ve heard all of these stories, and I’m sharing and the more that we share with each other, the easier it gets, the easier it gets for both of us.”

The singer explained that a big part of acceptance is realizing that one must let go of any bad feelings they have harbored against their abuser.


Is She Still a Real Estate Agent?

In current day, Anica still works as a real estate agent. While interviewing her, she actually was in work clothes, on her way to renovate one of her clients’ homes. In current day, this is clearly still a passion of hers.

“Real estate was was really the optimal choice for me as an artist, because you can do it all over the world if you want to,” she said. “However, I’ll probably be hanging it up for a couple of years, I can take a hiatus or sabbatical from being a realtor for a couple of years.”

She hopes to be in a position where she can pursue music for a while before having to turn back to real estate, but eventually she hopes to find her way home. If given the chance, and funds, she would love to buy a lot of land to build miniature homes for people in need.

“My ambition is not to be a rockstar, in the sense that I’m looking at it simply more strictly for the money and the fame and the fortune, it’s not my ambition at all,” she said. “My ambition is to put on a great show with really awesome production… in order to make some funds so that I can help some people out that really need helping.”


ANICA Relives Her Golden Buzzer Moment

Obviously, Anica’s life has changed since her Golden Buzzer moment aired on CityTV. That moment, where Lindsay Ell gave her the Golden Buzzer, is understandably one that Anica will never forget.

“She was inspired because we connected on a personal level, with our stories and our childhood and our musicianship,” Anica said. “When she came around the corner, because my hair sometimes hides my periphery, and I didn’t see her until she was like, sort of there. And I went, what? And then she goes down the stairs and in my head, I’m thinking, No way. This is not happening. But but it is happening.”

All in all, Anica described the moment as “surreal.” Once she heard the button trigger the confetti, she realized that it wasn’t a joke and was seriously happening.

“I really needed that, because I’d had such a crappy week,” she said. “That Golden Buzzer was like, Yeah, I couldn’t even believe it, so I will never forget that moment of the day I die.”

Now, Anica is preparing for her next round of the competition, the Live Shows. Although she couldn’t tell us anything about her plan, she explained that CGT has treated her like absolute royalty.


Although Anica won over America on AGT, she’s very excited to get her name out there in her home country. Canada’s Got Talent airs on CityTV on Tuesdays at 8/7c. Fans can vote for Anica to remain in the competition, once this season’s semi-finals begin.

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Wendy Ranger
Wendy Ranger
1 year ago

Anica has amazing BIG talent and an amazing Big voice but the biggest thing about her is her heart. As long as I’ve known Anica she is helping the less fortunate in one way or another. Honestly, who goes out Christmas Day and hands out sandwiches, apples and coffee gift cards to the homeless? – Anica! True Humanitarian spirt. Everyone that knows her loves her; and her music talents – wow, just plain wow!

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