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Watch the 5 Craziest Moments Ever on ‘The Voice’

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The Voice is always filled with crazy twists and turns that leave viewers laughing, or in absolute awe. Some of the best moments from The Voice always occur during the blind auditions. These auditions are the shot to total stardom. Although some may have things planned for the occasion, others stand in shock at the coaches who turn their chairs.

5. John Legend Uses His Block on Ariana Grande

As any newcomer on The Voice would be, Ariana Grande was so confused when her chair turned and it said “blocked.” Grande’s jaw was dropped. She was absolutely shocked that someone would block her during the premiere. John Legend acted on his block as soon as he heard Joshua Vacanti’s voice. He blocked Grande because this contestant has strong Broadway tonality behind his voice.

Later in the conversation, Legend’s block was totally justified when Joshua said he’s in theater and loves to sing Grande’s music. Grande said that this felt like a personal attack, and she’s not the first to have felt like that. In 2018 Jennifer Hudson felt the same way when Kelly Clarkson blocked her. Hudson was seen asking Clarkson if they were friends after the battle technique.


4. When Kelly Clarkson Found Out She Kicked a Fan

Weird things really happened to Clarkson in 2018 on The Voice, but absolutely nothing tops when a contestant told her that she kicked him in the back of the head. After Zaxai’s blind audition he shared with the coaches and audience that he had been an usher at one of Clarkson’s shows. That seemed like a great full circle moment, until he mentioned that she accidentally kicked him in the back of the head.

Ouch, that sounds like it hurt. Clarkson got up from her chair, walked onto the stage and bowed her head before hugging him and beginning to apologize. You could tell she really felt bad for what she had done.

3. When the Coaches Receive Gifts From Acts

If you’ve seen the recent season of The Voice, you know what I’m talking about. Just this season, there have been three contestants that brought gifts for a specific coach. I think that this would be considered extremely risky. Like what if the coach you wanted doesn’t turn for you? Do you swallow your pride and still give them the gift?

These acts did just that in season 21 of The Voice. After Gracie Nourbash took to the stage and didn’t turn any chairs, she still told Grande about how they had met six years prior. Grande loved seeing the photo of them together and even took a copy for herself.

This is not Blake Shelton’s first season receiving gifts. But apparently something in him tells him not to turn for acts that are fans of his. During the premiere he received a brick from his hometown, and a drawing of him and the contestant. These were both extremely sweet gifts, but a bit over the top that people would think to bring these to their blind audition?

2. Adam Levine Recognizes Contestant From Viral Video

In season 13, Dave Crosby took to The Voice stage to sing “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie. He sang a beautiful rendition of this song, but Adam Levine quickly realized that he already knew another song Dave sang.

Dave and his daughter had previously gone viral on YouTube for singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman. This one wasn’t necessarily crazy, as much as it was really freaking cute. The coaches loved his daughters voice as much as his.

1. Blake Shelton Didn’t Recognize his own Bandmate

In The Voice’s 20th season, Pete Mroz auditioned with “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith. As soon as Shelton turned his chair for Pete, he pointed at the longtime coach. You think this would give some indication that Shelton might know him, but Shelton didn’t think much of it.

It wasn’t until the coaches gave Pete their opinion that the audience found out he and Shelton were in the same group back in Nashville, TN. As soon as Pete revealed that he didn’t perform as Pete Mroz in the group, Shelton knew that they had known each other.

Even though it had been 25 years, Clarkson still made fun of Shelton for not recognizing his own bandmate.

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