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Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande Stun With Their Vocals on ‘That’s my Jam’

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The Voice coaches were some of the first celebrity contestants on Jimmy Fallon’s newest series, That’s my Jam. The coaches were placed in teams of two and were competing for a donation to a charity of their choice. I promise, you’ll love The Voice coaches even more after watching this pilot episode.

Clarkson, Legend Imply that Shelton is the Worst Partner to Have

Ariana Grande was paired with Blake Shelton while Kelly Clarkson was paired with John Legend for this game show. These coaches really made the most out of the show even though Grande claimed this isn’t her strong suit. Clarkson and Legend admitted that Shelton was by far the weakest link on any team.

As many know, the country singer was born and raised in Oklahoma and sticks as close to the country genre as he can. I was happily surprised with Shelton in this show. There were some games he struggled with, but overall he wasn’t as weak a link as Clarkson and Legend implied.

He really proved this when the coaches were playing “The Vinyl Countdown.” This game had charades-based formatting and rules. Within the game, one team member had to get the other to guess the name of a musical artist. Shelton was doing extremely well in this game until he had no way to explain the band Nickelback to his partner, Grande. I’m not sure if it was exactly a Blake how do you not know moment, but it was still pretty funny.

Although there were many different mini games throughout the episode, fans went wild over Clarkson and Grande’s vocal battle. In this portion of the competition, the teams sang against each other in the “The Wheel of Impossible Karaoke” game.


Grande Runs Away From Microphone in “Slay it Don’t Spray it”

Each singer was assigned a certain vocal-based mini game. Clarkson ended up with “Mixtape Medley Showdown,” which meant she had to directly compete against Grande. The category for the battle was pop divas, so the band played classic songs that both singers knew. This show quickly turned into a giant round of Karoke for these professional singers.

Many loved the vocals from these pop stars during this round, but I thought the best vocals came at the end of the episode. The game “Slay it Don’t Spray it” made the singers go back and forth in a game that tested their memory. They were given a song, but would get sprayed with water if they didn’t remember the lyrics correctly. This mini game was by far the most fun, Grande and Clarkson sang each other’s songs!

At the end of this section of the show, Shelton proved that he wasn’t the worst teammate to have after all. The last “Slay it Don’t Spray it” song involved all four singers. The group that won the game would win the competition, when the others would get sprayed.

As a group, they traded off singing “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. About halfway through the song Grande was seen trying to leave her microphone stand. In the end, both she and Shelton were sprayed after clearly losing to Clarkson and Legend.

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