WATCH ‘Most Outrageous Audition’ Ever Seen On ‘America’s Got Talent’ — Where Is Travis Pratt Now?

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Nobody ever expected Travis Pratt to have the voice of an angel that rivals America’s Got Talent star Jackie Evancho. When he auditioned for season eight and declared he was a singer, the entire world was shocked to find that he was actually a stunning opera singer. Watch one of the most memorable auditions in the history of ‘AGT’ below that ended in a proposal.

Travis Pratt Shocked The World With Opera Singing On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Travis always wanted to be a singer but constantly got in his head. His girlfriend was the one that persuaded him to try out for the show. “Singing gave me the ability to dream and I’m here to show them that if I can do it, they can too,” he said before making his way to the stage. Travis said he was going to sing a song that his girlfriend loves. Did anyone else expect it to be pop or country? Well, that was not the case when Travis started belting out an opera song.

Everybody including the judges was absolutely stunned at his gentle tone and ability to hit such high notes. He received a standing ovation along with a bunch of surprised looks. Howie Mandel even asked Travis if he was lip-synching and if he swallowed Jackie Evancho. “This is the most outrageous audition I have ever seen,” said Howard Stern. “You are a freak but I mean it in a good way” he continued.


The judges called Travis’ girlfriend up to the stage to talk to her about how she persuaded him to come on America’s Got Talent. The pair were dating for five years at the time and everybody was shocked when Travis got down on one knee right there on stage. So not only did we get a shocking audition, we got an unexpected proposal too, and she said yes! Travis was sent to the Vegas Round as an engaged man. There he performed “Ave Maria.” Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the competition because the judges felt he was not up to par with female opera singers they have heard in the past.

Where Is Travis Now?

After being on America’s Got Talent, Travis sang with The Fisk Jubilee Singers which he called an honor and a privilege. He also did end up getting married to his girlfriend and it’s so cool that we got to see the proposal happen.

Travis has also become very into working out and telling his followers all about living a more balanced lifestyle. When he’s not sharing pics working out, he’s also eating some healthy foods and giving health advice.


What Travis’ social media accounts do not have a lot of are singing or opera related posts. We definitely think he should have the ultimate comeback story and be invited to ‘AGT: The Champions’ to sing us some more tunes in his unique operatic style.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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