Simon Cowell Left Speechless By ‘AGT’ Opera Singer On A Horse

Jill O'Rourke
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Tuesday night marked the final episode of auditions on AGT 2020. The first part of the show featured performances in the studio with Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel as judges.

However, the last half hour of the episode included video auditions that the judges watched from their own homes, due to COVID-19 restrictions. One act, featuring an opera singer on a horse, had Simon so flabbergasted he could barely form a critique.

Watch The Final Auditions On ‘AGT’ 2020

Alex Hooper

This performer has previously auditioned for the show, but he got booed. He started the audition by apologizing for the past performance. He proceeded to tell insulting jokes about the judges, and actually got them to laugh. Alex got three “yes” votes to move on to the next round.

Lightwave Theatre Company

This Romanian group performs with life-size puppets. They delivered a powerful performance about a girl and her dog. Simon said it made him emotional, and Sofia said she’d never seen anything like it. They got three “yes” votes from the judges.

Kameron Ross

This country singer took a break from music after he came out as gay in Texas and lost gigs. He started by singing “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn, but Simon stopped him and asked him to sing a cappella. Howie said he has a “relaxed delivery,” and he liked it despite not being a country fan. The judges voted to send him through.


John Austin

This singer’s talent is singing backwards, and then replaying it so it sounds like the original song. Howie and Sofia loved it, and voted yes. However, Simon thought it was “parc,” or “crap” backwards. John made it through with two votes.

Ninja Twins

These twin brothers describe themselves as “if Prince and Freddie Mercury had a baby.” They performed a song about themselves, and Simon buzzed them. Howie gave them a standing ovation. They got two “yes” votes from Howie and Sofia.

John Hastings

This stand-up comedian was born without reflexes or hand-eye coordination. He was bullied as a kid, but fought back with humor. The judges laughed at his routine, and Howie especially loved it. They voted him through to the next round.

High School Marching Band

This marching band full of young people made an amazing entrance into the studio, prompting Simon to say he wished they had an audience. The judges loved it, with Howie saying he would buy a ticket to see them. The judges gave them three “yes” votes.

Siena Uremova

This blindfolded dancer from Australia arrived in America the morning of her audition. Simon said she has “amazing energy.” Siena received three “yes” votes from the judges.

Voce Nova

These opera singers are from New York, by way of Israel. They shocked the AGT judges when their performance took a high-energy turn. Simon buzzed the act, calling it “dated” and saying there was “no market” for it. All three judges voted “no.”

Sheldon Riley

This Australian singer didn’t introduce himself when he first came out, but he wowed the judges with his voice. They all voted “yes” to send him through to the next round, saying they loved his mystery.


Chris & Syd

This singer hopes to start an equine therapy program for people with disabilities. He performed with his dog howling along with him. Simon called it “brilliant,” and Sofia called it “heartwarming.” The judges voted him through.

Alexis & The Puppy Pals

This 8-year-old performed a dog act called Puppy Pals. The judges were impressed, with Howie saying he “loved it.” They all voted “yes” to send Alexis through to the next round.

Max Major

This mentalist controlled the judges’ movements, and then did a trick with Sofia Vergara and a deck of cards. He managed to guess which card Sofia chose even though they were hundreds of miles apart. All four judges voted “yes” to send him through.

Erin McCarthy

This opera singer tried pursuing a career when she was younger, but it didn’t work out. The judges were shocked to see that she was performing on a horse. Sofia said it was “the most fun I’ve ever had today.” Three of the judges voted “yes,” but Simon didn’t.

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