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‘The Voice’ Season 15: The Battle Rounds Continue Part 3

We’re back at The Battle Rounds and with The Knockouts on the horizon, it’s getting more intense than ever. Back in rehearsals with the coaches are this seasons mentors’: Keith Urban, Halsey, Thomas Rhett and former coach Cee Lo Green. Season 15 of ‘The Voice’ is proving that it’s packed with talent, so let’s get into tonight’s battles and find out who makes it to the Knockouts! 

Keith Paluso vs Dave Fenley (Team Blake)

Pairing Keith and Dave together was a no-brainer for Blake because he said they both have that rugged/edgy voice and he only needs one on his team. During rehearsals with Blake and mentor Keith Urban, they find that Keith’s comfort level isn’t up to par with Dave’s for the song One Woman Man by George Jones. However, both put on an incredible performance during the battle rounds and even leave Adam, Kelly and Jennifer unable to choose a winner. Lucky for Blake, he has the final say and he chooses Dave due to his range and strong voice. But to Keith’s surprise, Adam steals him after Blake’s original block and adds him to his team. Starting off the show on the right note, we have both Keith and Dave moving onto the Knockout rounds!

Winner: Dave Fenley

Steal: Keith Paluso (Team Adam)


Emily Hough vs Reagan Strange (Team Adam)

This friendship was put to the test when Emily and Reagan were paired up for a battle. Performing to the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran showcased each artist’s voice in a different way. Adam says that Emily’s voice is powerful and unafraid and Reagan is sweet and soulful. Mentor Celo Green and Coach Adam are in awe by the maturity of these girls with Emily being only 16 and Reagan at 13 years old. After their performance, the judges comment on how sweet the performance was, and that it felt more like a duet than a battle. Even though Adam was such a fan of both artists, he could only choose one and he goes with Reagan saying that she is just special, and it’s not something he can fully explain.

Winner: Reagan Strange

Franc West vs Matt Johnson (Team Jennifer)

Jennifer teamed up Franc and Matt to battle the song Too Close by Alice Clare. Matt has been auditioning for The Voice since Season 1 of the show, and now his time has come. With mentor Halsey, these men were ready to take the stage and both were incredible. Ultimately, the choice was up to Jennifer and she chose Franc. She said that she would lose her mind if she didn’t choose him and it was a gut instinct. Franc goes on to the knockout rounds!

Winner: Franc West 

Abby Cates vs Delaney Silvernell (Team Kelly)

Battling to the song Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding, both artists did an incredible job and left the judges wanting more of both in the knockout rounds. Although Kelly Clarkson chose Abby to be on her team, Adam took his second steal of the night and had Delaney join his team. Both ladies are on their way to the Knockouts!

Winner: Abby Cates 

Steal: Delaney Silvernell (Team Adam) 

The Montages: 

Although we didn’t get to see the full performance of these next three battles, here are the results:

Radha vs Foushee (Team Adam) singing Growing Pains by Alessia Cara.

Winner: Radha

Chevel Shepard vs Mikele Buck (Team Kelly) singing You Look So Good In Love by George Strait.

Winner: Chevel Shepard 

MaKenzie Thomas vs Audri Bartholomew (Team Jennifer) singing Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey.

Winner: MaKenzie Thomas 


Jake Wells vs Natalie Brady (Team Adam)

Although this seems like an odd pair, their voices harmonized together beautifully when performing the song Closing Time. Adam says he felt like that performance was finale worthy, and there was no better or worse here. Ultimately, he chose Jake to go onto the Knockout round.

Winner: Jake Wells 

Tyshawn Colquitt vs Zaxai (Team Jennifer)

Performing to the song Love Lies by Khalid in this battle left all the judges speechless because no one knew who to choose. Ultimately, Jennifer chooses Tyshawn because she believes he’s the full package but that means that Zaxai is stolen onto Team Kelly because she was blocked from turning around in the Blind Auditions. Seems like a win/win for everyone this round as they’re both onto the Knockouts!

Winner: Tyshawn Colquitt 

Steal: Zaxai (Team Kelly) 

Well there you have it- night three of the battles! Do you have a favorite this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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