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‘The Voice’ Top 10 Results Recap: Watch Adam Levine’s SHOCKING Elimination Moment

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Season 15 of The Voice is flying by, and tonight our Top 10 becomes a Top 8. With performances from Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, Anne-Marie, and James Arthur, we have a jam-packed night! Through the show, the semifinalists are announced followed by revealing the bottom three who will be competing for a spot in the semifinals, or will it be only two? Tonight’s ending was an interesting twist (scroll down to see the video). Let’s get into these results!

Tonight’s results (in order):

Kirk Jay (Team Blake) 

Kennedy Homes (Team Jennifer) 

Mackenzie Thomas (Team Jennifer) 

Chevel Shepard (Team Kelly) 

Sarah Grace (Team Kelly) 

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake) 

Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly) 

This means that Dave Fenley, DeAndre Nico and Reagan Strange are in the bottom three. However, Reagan was under the weather and was unable to perform tonight, leaving DeAndre and Dave to be the only two performances of the Instant Saves.

The Voice Instant Save

Dave chooses to sing Amazed by Lonestar. Kelly compliments him on his tone and Blake makes it clear that Dave deserves to move forward in the competition.


Team Adam DeAndre Nico vs Reagan Strange

Meanwhile, DeAndre performs to All Of Me by John Legend and has a solid performance. The twist comes when his coach Adam uses his opportunity to campaign for DeAndre to instead campaign for Reagan. He talks about how although he wishes they could both move forward, he’s choosing to encourage viewers to vote for Reagan. Shocking much? Viewers did not take to Adam’s speech very well and as the votes came in it showed that Reagan and DeAndre came neck to neck, with Reagan leading by only 1%.

The Final Result

Reagan Strage inched out the win and Twitter went wild with fans arguing over the desicion and specifically Adam’s comments. Even some media outlets slammed him for it with headlines like this: “Adam Levine throws DeAndre Nico under the bus, Reagan Strange sits out Instant Save singoff on most awkward ‘Voice’ of all time” (Yahoo.com)

What did you think of how Adam Levine handled DeAndre Nico vs Reagan Strange? Watch the jaw-dropping moment here, and decide for yourself:

Talk about a hectic ending!

What are your thoughts on this week’s eliminations? Should Reagan have been allowed to move forward in the competition without performing? Was Adam Levine out of line? Let us know in the comments below!

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