The Voice Recap: Night 5 of the Blind Auditions



We’re back for night 5 of the Blind Auditions on The Voice and the level of talent continues to soar, giving us just a taste of all Season 14 will bring. The auditions have not disappointed, just like Blake and Adam’s punchlines at one another. If the blind auditions have been a hint of what’s to come, then we’re in for a major ride!

Stephanie Skipper (Team Adam)

Stephanie opened the night signing one of our coaches very own songs Piece by Piece. Kelly Clarkson was left in tears, but for some strange reason…did not turn her chair around?! We’re still scratching our heads at that one. Although she seemed to regret it and ran up to the stage to hug her, Skipper wasn’t out of luck. She had chair turns from Adam and…wait for it, Blake. The two battled it out, which tends to be the theme of this episode, but ultimately Adam was the better fit.

Tish Haynes Keys (Team Adam)

Choosing the song Chain of Fools, Tish brought the house down and immediately had the audience on their feet. Adam was the first to turn around, followed by Kelly almost immediately after. Kelly stood up during the remainder of Tish’s performance and told her that she thinks she can win the show. Adam gives Tish a big hug after she makes a little comment to Blake about not turning around, which solidifies his love for her to be on his team.

Brasen Ireland (Team Blake)

Next up, is Brasen Ireland choosing the song Tulsa Time. And right away, we’re almost certain that Blake is going to be one to turn around. Not surprisingly, both Blake and Adam turn around almost simultaneously, but Ireland chooses to stick to his country roots by siding with Team Blake!

Teana Boston (Team Kelly)

Coming in with a heartfelt and emotional song Unfaithful, Boston won Kelly Clarkson’s heart and ultimately got her to turn around. Another strong female singer for Team Kelly!

Miya Bass (Team Adam)

Although these are the blind auditions, Miya’s presence is not one that you can easily forget. Her unique vibe and rendition of Issues by Julia Michaels caused Adam to turn around almost immediately and earn a spot on his Team.

Livia Faith (Team Alicia)

This 17-year-old Kentucky native knew how to get the judges attention, because Blake, Alicia, and Kelly all turned around. Her version of Dream a Little Dream of Me, made all three judges want to battle it out. Kelly said that her voice would set her apart from everyone on the show. Alicia, however, tells her that she and her mom would have a good spot on her team, and she takes that offer.

Jordan Kirkdorffer (Team Blake)

Jordan Kirkdorffer is the second country artist to perform tonight, and he chooses the song In Case You Didn’t Know. The Indiana native gets Adam turns around first then his rival Blake. Once again, they’re vying for another artist, and although Adam fights for Jordan to join his team, Blake hits a 2/2 on the country artists for tonight!

Shana Halligan (Team Alicia)

Shana takes the stage and her bold song choice of Bang Bang gets Alicia’s attention. Alicia says the Los Angeles native reminds her of a mix of Florence in the Machine and Sia, earning a spot on her team.

Gary Edwards (Team Adam)

With flare and personality, the man in the white coat sang What’s Going On. Once again, Adam and Blake are head to head in vying for this contestant. The moment his performance is over, Adam runs up to hug him right away and the battle begins. Edwards tells the audience that his grandmother’s advice was always to  “find the song, and create the story” so they bring her onstage to share this moment with him. Adam tells her to advise her grandson once again and tell him to choose Adam, to which Edwards takes that advice.

Hannah Goebel (Team Kelly)

The show started with a contestant singing one of the judge’s songs, and it’s ending that way too! Hannah Goebel picks Alicia’s If I Ain’t Got You and gets all four judges to turn around. Although Alicia was so excited about this performance, Kelly uses her only block of the entire season so far to block Alicia in hopes of getting Hannah on her team. And, it worked! Hannah chooses Team Kelly.

Another great night of The Blind Auditions, and we can’t wait for more tonight! Who was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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